The difference between need and desire.

Needs can be easily confused with desires. Both have motivating power and, if satisfied, evoke pleasant emotions. However, they are not the same thing. In order not to get confused in concepts, it is necessary to find out how the need differs from the desire.


Need is the feeling of the need for something important for a full-fledged existence, and sometimes survival.

Desire is a conscious desire to achieve the possession of something, the implementation of the plan.


First, let us turn to the first concept and give examples of needs. They can be divided into two kinds: physiological and non-body. So, food, sleep, warmth are what the body requires, and the acquisition of knowledge, self-expression, recognition in society refers to the spiritual interests of a person. At the same time, the difference between need and desire lies in the fact that it is the initial activator of activity.

Desires are formed on the basis of needs. They arise in the mind and show specific ways to meet a variety of needs. For example, the body's need for fluid makes the body want to drink, and under the influence of the need to show his talent, the artist wants to create beautiful paintings. However, the ratio of the categories under consideration is different, and many desires outgrow needs. The latter are focused on ensuring the usual normal conditions, but a person often wants much more - to live not just well, but at the highest possible level.

It should be noted that needs are a stronger motivator. Indeed, without the satisfaction of many of them, the body is not at all capable of existing. At the same time, getting what is needed is often taken for granted and does not cause any special emotions. At the same time, when desires are fulfilled, which often have nothing to do with the issue of survival, a person can feel at the pinnacle of happiness.

What is the difference between need and desire? In that the number of needs is limited. They exist apart from the will of a person and are not positive or negative. Meanwhile, desires, being a product of the mind, are endless. There can be as many of them as there is enough imagination. Nevertheless, desires are under control, and it is important to be able not to think about something transcendental, but to be more happy with what we have now.