The difference between mind and intelligence.

When thinking about how the mind differs from the mind, truly the mind can go beyond the mind. But we will make it easier for you. What is the difference between the mind and the mind? Let's try to figure it out together.


Um - individual cognitive, analytical personality traits.

Reason - the highest type of human mental activity, including the spiritual component.


One of the main differences is that the mind is a higher phenomenon than the mind and feelings. The human mind is mainly occupied with accepting the pleasant and rejecting the unpleasant. The mind is also capable of accepting and rejecting, but it focuses on choosing what is favorable for a person and rejecting the dangerous, unfavorable. Thus, their functions are similar, but the mind has more foresight, seeking to determine the benefits and harms. The mind stops at something, guided by its desires, the mind assesses the current situation in terms of whether it will bring good or trouble.

The mind is led by the senses, in a sense it is their slave. The mind tends to do the will of the senses because it really wants to be happy. For the mind, the main thing is truth, for it it is higher than happiness. The mind feels that if the truth triumphs, then there will be happiness.

The mind is able to receive information from the outside, accumulate and analyze it. The mind does the same, but the spiritual principle in a person also helps it.

The concept of the Supreme Mind refers to the divine sphere. Reason always strives to the Absolute. Note that there is no “higher mind”. A reasonable person is able to hear the Higher Reason and heed it, acting at the behest of the Heart. Mind and heart together give birth to such a phenomenon as Wisdom.

A person can be smart in one or more ways. Reason must extend to all areas of life. An intelligent, educated person, a specialist in his field is not always necessarily reasonable.


  1. Mind is a higher, subtle phenomenon than mind.
  2. The mind desires happiness and pleasure, the mind strives for truth.
  3. The mind chooses the pleasant and rejects the unpleasant, the mind considers everything from the point of view of harm or benefit.
  4. Reason is able to embrace everything as a whole, to know the general laws. The mind manifests itself in one or more areas of life.
  5. Reason is closely connected with the Heart, their union gives rise to Wisdom. One of the manifestations of reason is intuition. The mind is guided by feelings, it is tuned to the momentary. The mind tries to suppress the inner voice.
  6. Mind uses logic, Mind turns for knowledge to the divine Absolute. Reason is closely related to the spiritual principle in a person.
  7. The mind belongs to the human sphere, the mind - to the divine.