The difference between male and female sea buckthorn.

Sea buckthorn is a multitude of vitamins and a unique combination of trace elements, an almost complete natural pharmacy that allows you to cure various diseases. It is used fresh, in the form of jams, decoctions, oils, bases for various medicines. This plant is sought to grow in their plots by amateur and professional gardeners. But if the latter have long understood for themselves all the features of this plant, the former are still just learning to distinguish male sea buckthorn from female.


Sea buckthorn male - sea buckthorn is a dioecious plant. This means that in one case only female flowers will be present, which will subsequently bear fruit, in the other - only male flowers, whose task is to produce the necessary pollen. Male sea buckthorn does not bear fruit, but it is extremely necessary for the reproduction of berries. If you plant the entire garden with only female plants, there will be no sense in this, because in this same-sex society there will be no pollination and fruits. And I would like to, and for this there is a male plant (pollinator tree), which is planted approximately in the ratio of one "man" to 6-8 "women".

Female sea buckthorn - is pollinated by a male tree and bears fruit in abundance. The female sea buckthorn is very similar to the male sea buckthorn, especially at an early age, it can be distinguished only for 1-2 years before the beginning of the growing season.

Trying to determine the sex of the sea buckthorn.

Methods of discrimination

In the first year of life, the kidneys are taken for comparison. On female plants, they are small and double, and on males, they are noticeably larger and triple in places. In addition, at an early age, it is the male seedlings that are noticeably larger, and the female ones are, on average, lower.

You can consider the leaf blade of the male and female plants. In the first case, we see an almost flat and slightly turned outward shape from the central vein. If you look at the cross section, it resembles a seagull with spread wings. The female leaf is concave at the edges, and the cross section resembles a trough, boat or bowl.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the density of the plaque. Male leaves are bluer, while female leaves are greener.

Male sea buckthorn plant
Female sea buckthorn plant


  1. The buds on the male plant are larger and they are triple, and on the smaller female, they are double.
  2. The saplings of the male plant are larger than the female.
  3. The leaf blade of the female plant is bent from the edges and resembles a bowl, while the male is bent from the center and resembles a seagull.
  4. Plaque on the leaves of the male plant is greater than on the female.
  5. The leaves of the male sea buckthorn are bluer, while the female leaves are greenish.