The difference between love and sympathy.

Love and sympathy are fairly close concepts. Sometimes, in order to understand the true feelings of a loved one, as well as in your own attitude towards him, it takes not even months, but years, or even decades. Therefore, it is so important already at the initial stage of the relationship to try to understand what drew you to each other.


Love - one of the most powerful experiences inherent in a person, based on strong feelings, deep affection.

Sympathy - a feeling of location, attraction to another person, arising on the basis of interest, goodwill, a positive attitude towards him.


Sometimes love grows out of simple sympathy. And no one is able to understand at what point this happens, because the line between our feelings is very thin. But still, there are a number of signs by which one can judge whether it is love or sympathy in this case.

For the sake of true, true love, a person is ready to sacrifice everything he has. Love is disinterested, love is determined first of all to give, not take away. Sympathy has never been associated with such a strong return. If we can help a person we like, we help him, but we will never, forgetting ourselves, strive to give him the best.

In love there is a feeling that without a loved one you cannot live a day. If someone is simply sympathetic to us, we calmly endure the separation. We constantly think about our beloved, even if he is not there. It is as if we still feel him next to us and yearn for him. We can easily forget about a person we like as soon as he disappears from sight.

Sympathy, as opposed to love, is a friendlier feeling. We begin to see in the object of sympathy a friend, a friend, a comrade-in-arms. If we understand that a person does not have too strong mutual feelings for us, then we take it calmly. In love, everything is not so: it should be mutual, and we suffer if a loved one treats us indifferently. For the sake of love, we strive to become better, to surpass ourselves. For the sake of sympathy, they rarely go to heroic deeds. There are no barriers for a loving person: he strives to be with his beloved both in sorrow and in joy.


  1. Love is an all-consuming and very strong, emotionally colored feeling, which sympathy is not.
  2. True love away from its object only flares up more strongly, with simple sympathy, one can easily forget about a person if he is out of sight.
  3. For the sake of love, a person is capable of heroic, sacrificial deeds. For the sake of sympathy, he is unlikely to do this.