The difference between knowledge and information.

Knowledge and information are important parts of our life. These terms cannot be completely identified with each other. Let's consider what is meant by each of them and how knowledge differs from information.


Knowledge - systematized reliable ideas about objects and phenomena of reality. Knowledge is used by people for the rational organization of their activities and for solving emerging problems.

Information - information about concepts, facts, events, etc., in the transmission and reception of which people or special devices can participate. Animals communicate specific information to each other using signals. There is also genetic information transmitted from one organism to another.


The fundamental factor that makes it possible to identify the difference between knowledge and information is that knowledge is acquired only through subjective comprehension. Information is independent and does not always reach the stage of awareness.

In the cognitive process, knowledge and information are at different stages. First, there is a perception of information transmitted by a certain source: a book, the Internet, a teacher... After comprehension, the information results in knowledge. The one with knowledge is able to fulfill the role of a new source of information.

Thus, only information is transmitted and received, but knowledge cannot be transmitted. In order to become the owner of knowledge, you need to perceive the necessary information and pass it through your own consciousness.

For example, a mathematics teacher has knowledge of his subject. Explaining to the class the way to solve the problem, he does not directly transfer knowledge, but is a source of information. Students will be able to form knowledge only when they not only listen to the teacher, but also understand, realize what he is trying to convey to them.

Considering what is the difference between knowledge and information, it should be noted that there can be no excess of knowledge. After all, a person seeks to comprehend only what is really important and necessary for him. Information can flow in excess, people often feel oversaturated with it. Of the entire volume of information, a small part is used to gain knowledge.

It is knowledge that is the criterion of a person's education. After all, it is not enough just to get acquainted with the information - it is necessary to do a lot of mental work.