The difference between fodder corn and food.

When we buy corn on the market, we hardly think about the fact that fodder corn, and not edible corn at all, is included in our menu. Of course, it is impossible to get poisoned with fodder corn, it is quite suitable for food, but its food tastes are clearly inferior. It is edible corn that is quickly cooked and has a unique delicate taste. But if you come to the market, armed with some knowledge, you can choose the most successful from all the options offered.

Places of growth

Corn is not the most whimsical plant, it is widespread throughout the world. But for some varieties, a certain climate is preferable.

Fodder corn grows everywhere in temperate climates, and with normal humidity and well-fertilized soil, it gives a good harvest.

Edible corn is more whimsical. It ripens well in the southern regions, where during the entire growing season the temperature is maintained at 21-27 ° С during the day, and around 14 ° С at night.

Appearance and taste

Fodder corn is the closest ancestor of wild corn; it was on its basis that sweet corn was later developed.

Fodder maize grows in length and is usually bright yellow, sometimes orange in color. If fodder corn is not boiled, then the tough grain is unpleasant to chew, moreover, it does not have any taste. Cooking time 2-3 hours. One hundred grams of boiled corn contains 120 kcal.

Fodder corn

Edible corn, or sweet corn, is plump ears, where the grains are very large and poured. The ear itself is rather white, sometimes pale yellow. If you take a grain of edible corn, it will be soft and sweet in taste. For cooking sweet corn, half an hour, and sometimes ten minutes, is enough. 100 grams of cooked edible corn contains 180 kcal. Food corn is richer in protein than any other type of corn.

Edible corn


Fodder corn is quite suitable for human nutrition, but it is usually grown as feed for large cattle.

Edible corn is grown solely for the purpose of cooking. It is this kind of corn that we subsequently buy in cans.


  1. Fodder corn can grow in regions with a temperate climate, while for growing food corn, the southern area is preferable.
  2. Fodder corn is bright yellow or even orange, food color closer to beige.
  3. A grain of unboiled fodder corn is tough and tasteless, but food corn is sweet and soft.
  4. Fodder corn is long, and food corn is plump and short.
  5. Edible corn is higher in calories.
  6. Fodder corn is used for animal feed, and food corn is used exclusively for human nutrition.