The difference between female and male infidelity.

Moreover, a woman who has decided to commit adultery is already subconsciously ready to break the existing union. She is looking in the person of a new acquaintance not so much for a lover as for a potential spouse. Thus, the ladies go to adultery quite deliberately, seeking to change their lives. Unlike men, they almost never go to bed with a partner for whom they have no feelings.

Male infidelity

Women are very worried about their own infidelity. In most cases, they cannot hide it and therefore admit to the partner of treason. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, when ladies go to the side out of sexual urges and the desire to make sure of their own attractiveness. In such a case, they carefully hide their adventures, not attaching serious importance to them. But this is more a rarity than a regularity. Needless to say, female infidelity is rare compared to male infidelity. Since it is a deliberate step and implies the presence of feelings for a new partner, such an act is considered to be a betrayal.

The main difference between female infidelity and male infidelity is that the representatives of the stronger sex are driven not by reason, but by instincts. They are looking for variety and cures for boredom. The mistress is chosen based on her sex appeal. Thus, almost any outwardly spectacular lady can become an object of adultery. At the same time, men carefully hide their connection on the side, not wanting to ruin relations with a permanent partner. They have a clear division of the fairer sex into women for the soul and for the body. In most cases, the representatives of the stronger sex are quite satisfied with the existing union and just want to bring a little piquancy into their lives. In modern society, a rather light attitude towards male infidelity has formed. Due to the lack of a spiritual connection with his mistress, they are perceived as light intrigues that do not entail serious consequences.

To summarize, what is the difference between female and male infidelity.

Cheating on women Cheating on men
Is deliberate stepThe representative of the stronger sex is driven not by reason, but by instincts
Reason: dissatisfaction with existing relationshipsReason: desire to diversify your life, add a little piquancy
A lady carefully selects a partnerAny outwardly spectacular woman can become an object
The representative of the fairer sex who decides on her subconsciously ready to break the existing unionA man is satisfied with a permanent relationship and does not want to end it
A woman is tormented by remorse and often admits her partner of infidelityRepresentative the stronger sex carefully hides the connection on the side, not attaching special importance to it
Considered a betrayalPerceived as a lie kaya affair
Acts a rather rare phenomenonOccurs all the time