The difference between education and training.

Education and training are related to the acquisition of knowledge and human development. However, each of these concepts has its own meaning.


Education is a process that contributes to the development of a personality in different directions, as well as its result. In a narrower sense, this concept means the result obtained after mastering knowledge in a specific area (for example, economic education).

Learning is an activity in the implementation of which knowledge is transferred from one side to another.


The term “learning” is somewhat simpler in the sense that it is unambiguous. In this case, we mean a certain process. There are always interacting parties in it. One of them conveys useful information, the other perceives it. You can study, for example, performing math calculations, English, or geography. The effectiveness of the process depends on how competently the teacher is presented with the material, as well as on the abilities and diligence of the student.

At the same time, the difference between education and training is that the first of these categories, according to one of the interpretations, is more extensive. Education certainly includes training, but it is also complemented by upbringing, the formation of a worldview, and familiarizing a person with cultural traditions. All this contributes to the formation of personality, it acquires social significance. Such education is carried out, for example, in a regular school.

In other cases, education is understood as vocational training with the aim of finding a qualified specialist in a certain field. The mastery of specific disciplines occurs in colleges, universities and other institutions. At the end of the entire training course, a person is issued a document confirming the receipt of one or another education. It remains in the future to successfully apply the acquired knowledge.

Summarizing what has been said, let us make a short conclusion about what is the difference between education and training. So, both a process and its result are called education. In addition to mental development, other components can be components of this category. Learning is always a process during which a person adopts certain knowledge and experience. It is also important to note that in dictionaries, the two concepts are sometimes considered synonymous with the meaning of enlightenment, assimilation of educational material.