The difference between dryers and bagels.

The water content in them is 14-17%. The shelf life of such a product is not too long (25 days). Dryers are in the oven for a longer time, due to which they become hard and crunchy. They contain from 8.5 to 12% water. Products are sometimes called "canned bread", which is explained by their considerable shelf life. The product can be eaten for 45 days.

To summarize, what is the difference between dryers and bagels.

Drying Bagels
Diameter is 2 -4 cmThe diameter can go up to 8 cm
Modest ring thicknessAn order of magnitude more magnificent
Spend a lot of time in the ovenFormerly removed from the oven
Hard and crunchySofter product
Water content is between 8.5 and 12%Contains up to 17% moisture
Shelf life is 45 daysSuitable for use for 25 days