The difference between dream and fantasy.

Every person from time to time plunges into the world of sweet dreams, where all desires turn into reality. Such travels become possible thanks to our fantasies, which are often the most unexpected. Dreams that have a very real foundation is another matter. However, despite the tangible difference between these concepts, they are often compared with each other. In the article below, we will look at how dream differs from fantasy.



Dream is a cherished desire, the fulfillment of which is a guarantee of happiness for a person. It may be an ordinary need that did not find its realization at a certain moment. For example, an office worker craved a vacation at an overseas beach resort. But due to financial difficulties, I could not do this. As a result, he elevates the trip abroad to the rank of his dreams. Of course, a vacation at the sea will not make him happy until the end of his days, but the impressions received will last for a long time and will become a topic for discussion in the company of loved ones. As a rule, the realization of one dream provokes the birth of another. By the way, this ability is characteristic only for humans. Animals cannot dream, they live to satisfy their basic needs. Whereas a passionate desire for something makes people create and create masterpieces.


Fantasy is a figment of human imagination, as a rule, far from reality. It is also often referred to as an empty dream, fiction, or whim. That is, this is a situation that does not correspond to the surrounding reality, but expresses the potential desire of a person. Fantasy is a stream of thinking, which, in the course of improvisation, embodies invented events, things, objects, etc. Inherent only in man, it is a necessary condition for creative activity. Fantasy allows you to find a new point of view on known facts, due to which it has a huge scientific, educational and artistic value. Freud called it a waking dream, an illusory fulfillment of ambitious desires.


Let's start the comparison of concepts from the point of view of the above definitions. So, a dream is synonymous with a cherished desire, which may well come true. Often it is based on our needs: self-realization, financial well-being, full rest from everyday routine, etc. A dreamer is morally ready to fulfill his desire and often takes certain steps for this. Thus, this phenomenon has an energizing force and prompts the individual to action. Even if a person is not ready to be active in order to achieve a desire, he still believes that it is realizable. This is the main difference between a dream and a fantasy, which is obviously far from reality. It is just a figment of our imagination, an illusory embodiment of desires, images, situations. A person does not strive to achieve them, but only from time to time gives himself the opportunity to relax and plunge into the world of sweet dreams.

It is also worth noting that only one dream usually lives in a person's soul. It arises quite consciously on the basis of what has been gone, heard, experienced. The dream leads us, inspires, makes us happy, inspires enthusiasm. Its execution promises a change in life in a positive direction. Fantasies are born spontaneously, there can be a huge variety of them. Some pictures are replaced by others, forming a whole world of non-existent phenomena. Usually the process of fantasizing leaves behind a bitter aftertaste. A person realizes that the images he has drawn will never come true, and is disappointed by this.

To summarize, what is the difference between dream and fantasy.


Dream Fantasy
A cherished desire that can come trueA deliberately far from reality figment of the imagination
Based on needsIt is based on illusory images and situations
Has energizing power, prompts to actionRelaxes, plunges into the world of sweet dreams
Exists in a single copyPictures constantly replace each other
Arises consciouslyIs born spontaneously
Thoughts about her cause inspiration, joy, enthusiasmLeaves a bitter residue, disappointment