The difference between dietary supplements and medicine.

Every person in this world has used drugs at least once in their life. This is not surprising, because each of us may periodically have a headache or temporary discomfort. In addition to drugs, we also use auxiliary agents (vitamins and biological additives) - these substances are designed to keep our body in good shape. They contain substances or food additives that are designed to eliminate the deficiency of biologically active substances in the body. Their main purpose is to increase resistance to disease and strengthen the immune system.


Dietary supplements (BAA) are food additives that contain individual active compounds of biological substances or their complex. There are many biological additives that are authorized by the Ministry of Health and are included in the state register, but there are also those that are prohibited from use.

A medicine is an active substance or a mixture of substances of synthetic or natural origin. It is most often used for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various diseases. Available in different dosage forms: tablets, solutions for injections, capsules, ointments. All medicinal products undergo mandatory clinical trials.


The main difference between a dietary supplement and a drug is that a drug has a strict chemical formula, and a dietary supplement is an indefinite cocktail of active substances. Medicines must undergo clinical trials, as a result of which you can find out as accurately as possible about how a particular drug affects the human body. Biological additives are not subject to mandatory clinical trials, and therefore it is almost impossible to predict their response to the human body. In addition, drugs contain a clear dosage of the active substance, which is necessarily prescribed in the instructions, but the biological supplement contains an indefinite amount of the active substance, and one can only guess how it will affect the human body. The only consolation is that the doses of the active substance in the dietary supplement are negligible, and therefore they are unlikely to seriously harm a person.


  1. The drug has a clearly regulated dosage of the active substance, a free formulation is used in the dietary supplement.
  2. A drug must undergo clinical trials, and therefore its effects on the human body are in most cases predictable. Many dietary supplements do not undergo clinical trials, and therefore it can be quite difficult to predict their effect on the human body.