The difference between desire and intention.

As a more practical concept, it has no emotional connotation. If an individual has any idea, desire becomes a passed stage for him. In addition, the intention cannot be transcendental, it is always real and feasible. Often, for its implementation, one has to go through not one, but several steps, but this only adds to the joy of the achieved result. The following illustration will be the best reinforcement of the presented material.

To summarize, what is the difference between desire and intention.


Desire Intention
Answers the question "what do I want?"Answers the question "what should I do?"
Is a passive stateHas tremendous driving force
Can be absolutely incredible, far from everyday realityIt is never transcendental, it is always quite feasible
Has an emotional coloring, inspiresDiffers in practicality
Determines the goals of the individualIs an intention aimed at achieving goals