The difference between carpet and rug.

Many people who are concerned about their own comfort cover their floors with different types of coverings. And this is quite reasonable, because it is much more pleasant to walk on a soft carpet than on cold linoleum or parquet. An alternative to this fleecy product are carpets, the range of which is simply amazing. However, not every person understands the difference between the two interior elements. Let us tell you in more detail how a carpet differs from a carpet.



Carpet is a dense woven product made from yarn or its synthetic substitutes. It is used for covering floors, walls and other surfaces for decoration, insulation or sound absorption purposes. Usually it has some artistic value, as it is decorated with all kinds of patterns and images. The carpet is the oldest product spread all over the world. They used to warm the yurts of nomadic tribes and decorated luxurious baroque palaces. For centuries, this element of the interior was considered not only a symbol of prosperity, but also a real work of art, which required painstaking manual labor to create. To date, synthetic carpets are widespread, which in their quality are practically not inferior to woven products. In addition, they even benefit in terms of exploitation due to their unpretentious maintenance.


Palace - double-sided lint-free carpet, which is performed using the technique of machine or hand weaving. Combined options are also possible. Today Ukrainian, Moldavian, Indian, Azerbaijani, Caucasian and other products are especially widespread. Often this element of the interior is called a carpet runner. It is an integral part of ceremonies, balls and other events. Red, green, blue carpets are lined in front of aircraft ladders and ship berths, they can be found on the "Walk of Fame", etc. However, carpets are not always monochromatic. They, along with carpets, are decorated with various patterns and decorative elements. Due to their length, these rugs are great for narrow corridors, and they are also used for staircases in wealthy private houses.


If you compare products by placing them side by side, the differences will be visible to the naked eye. The carpet often has a thick pile, while the carpet does not. In this regard, the practicality of the latter coating increases significantly. Since the word "palace" is translated as "carpet runner", this element of the interior has an exclusively rectangular shape. Its standard width is 80-100 cm, and its length can reach several tens of meters. The carpet is usually much shorter, but at the same time an order of magnitude wider. It comes in almost any shape: round, oval, rectangular, square.

Another difference between the carpet and the carpet is that it can be placed not only on the floor, but also on the walls. Being a worthy interior decoration, this product has a very presentable look. Usually it is decorated with many of the most bizarre patterns, the interweaving of which forms a real picture. Since the carpet is laid exclusively on the floor, it is not able to boast of bright colors and fancy patterns. Such a product should not be soiled; in its manufacture, the main focus is on practicality.

If the carpet can hide the unevenness of the floor, then the carpet is laid on a perfectly flat surface. So that during walking the interior element does not move and folds do not form on it, the product is stretched or reliably glued to the coating. The carpet does not require such manipulations - due to its impressive weight, it is literally "tied" to its place. It is sometimes quite problematic to fold a product, because, unlike a light carpet, it is very reluctant to keep its shape. Therefore, the latter is the most convenient in terms of transportation.

Let's summarize what is the difference between a carpet and a rug.


Carpet Palace
Often has a thick pileIs a lint-free coating
More whimsical to care forDiffers in particular practicality
Can have any shapeThe shape is exclusively rectangular
Sizes vary, but at the same time, approximately equal proportions of the sides are preserved.The length of the product is capable of dozens of times larger than its width
Can be placed not only on the floor, but also on wallsFits on the floor
It is characterized by bright colors and an abundance of intricate patternsIt cannot boast of rich tones and exquisite decorative elements
Hides floor irregularitiesStays on a flat surface
Due to the impressive weight, the slope is not OffsetStretches or adheres to the floor to prevent slipping
Difficult to foldEasily adapts to any shape