The difference between capri pants and breeches.

They are convenient for doing fitness, aerobics, dancing, horseback riding, playing American football, etc. Of course, there are models of breeches adapted for everyday wear. However, it is still customary to combine them with sportswear and footwear: T-shirts, T-shirts, sneakers, sneakers. Breeches are popular with both women and men. As for capri pants, they are considered a universal wardrobe item. Depending on the style and material of trousers, they can be worn to work, worn on dates, combined with light blouses and high-heeled shoes, used for daily walks, etc. It should be noted that capri pants are much more widespread among the fairer sex. Whereas men gravitate more towards long, loose-fitting shorts.

To summarize, what is the difference between capris and breeches.

Capri Breeches
Reach the middle shins or ends just above the ankleKnee-length or slightly below
Loose fit, often flared downTighter fit
Suitable for ladies of any body sizeLook good only on slender women
Are a universal wardrobe itemOften used as an element sports equipment
They are spread mainly among womenThey are popular among both women and men