The difference between business and personal relationships.

The specifics of relationships between people can be business or personal. In either case, communication proceeds according to certain principles. Let's look at how business and personal relationships differ by analyzing each of these types of human interaction.


For most people, communication associated with production activities. In such a situation, the parties enter into business relationships that are in many ways unlike ordinary ones. Such relationships have their own rules and ethical standards, to know and follow which is very important for the successful promotion of any business. This especially concerns the organizers of production, people in the management sphere - for them communicative competence is an important component of their professional image.

At the same time, people can be dear to themselves, close to each other outside of work or school, in the family. In this case, the relationship is defined as personal. It is difficult to imagine someone's life without the presence of this kind of communication in it.


So, what is the difference between business and personal relationships? First of all, let's pay attention to the goals of the interaction. So, in the case of business cooperation, the final result obtained thanks to the joint efforts of the parties is important. For personal relationships, the process of communication itself is decisive. People's interest in each other comes first.

Business discipline has a formal format. Communicating within the framework of production, people need to limit themselves in some way. Your own feelings, emotions, and views that are irrelevant here are inappropriate. Personal relationships are established naturally. They do not violate the inner comfort of a person, and everyone has the right to end such communication at will.

However, business relationships are not necessarily dry, unemotional. On the contrary, in these conditions it is sometimes useful to have lively, fairly free communication, but one must be able to use such a form of interaction. In any case, there must be a certain framework that does not allow to push corporate interests into the background.

Speaking about the difference between business and personal relationships, it should be noted that it is not typical for children to enter into real business communication, since their psyche is not yet sufficiently formed for this. So, the younger student and the teacher are in personal, and not in business relations with each other.


Business relationships Personal relationships
Official formatInformal format
The goal is the end resultIt is the communication process that is important
In the first place of the task of the caseIn the foreground is interest in each other
Inherent only to adultsPresent at any age