The difference between briefs and swimming trunks.

Briefs and swimming trunks are both important wardrobe items. They, sometimes to a minimum, cover intimate places and protect them from various irritants and chafing. But it is worthwhile to understand in more detail how swimming trunks differ from panties.


Panties - a product related to underwear; is a short pants covering the genitals and buttocks. Such a garment did not always exist. Before his appearance, men got along with underpants, and women did not have such underwear at all. It should also be noted that initially only noble representatives of society could boast of a new invention.


Swimming trunks

It is correct to classify swimming trunks not as a separate category of clothing items, but as a type of panties. However, such a product has its own characteristics in terms of shape, purpose and other characteristics.

Swimming trunks


So, panties are a more general concept, which also includes swimming trunks. Therefore, speaking about the difference between swimming trunks and panties, we will consider what characteristics panties have in general, and what is characteristic of swimming trunks.


Both of the studied items of clothing are based on short pants, but swimming trunks, in their classic version, are much shorter on the sides than standard pants (meaning men's). As a rule, their shape is triangular, which cannot be said about shorts.


Both products cover the naked body. But other clothes are usually worn over the panties. The underwear protects it from dirt. It is much easier to change and wash briefs than, for example, pants or leggings. In addition, the panties protect the intimate area from various irritants, microorganisms in the air and on other clothing that can cause infection.

In addition to this, underpants protect delicate areas from chafing. For example, wearing rough jeans on a naked body would be quite uncomfortable. And one more function of the panties is the necessary protection of the genitals from hypothermia, which is especially important in the cold season.

All of the above does not apply to swimming trunks, since they are created directly for those cases when it is planned to spend time on a pond or in a pool. By the way, there were times when bathing, during which the body was sufficiently exposed, was considered a shameful occupation. It got to the point that men were allowed to appear by the water only in woolen, knee-length, pantaloons and a knitted sleeveless jacket, not to mention women.

One more point should be pointed out regarding the difference between briefs and swimming trunks. This concerns the aesthetic function and is more related to products for the female sex. After all, it is panties, being an underwear item, that will help to avoid a situation when a sudden gust of wind on a summer day can reveal all the delights hidden under a short dress or mini-skirt.

As erotic lingerie, both panties in their various variations and swimming trunks are used, which, effectively fitting male forms, look incredibly sexy. However, the latter are not suitable for everyday use, since in this case they can harm health.


Due to the fact that the use of swimming trunks involves contact with water, they are made from the appropriate fabric. Most often, synthetic and natural fibers are included in its composition in equal amounts. Thanks to this, the swimming trunks acquire water-repellent properties and dry quickly.

Panties, being a necessary part of the wardrobe, unlike swimming trunks, are made mainly from soft, natural materials. Most often it is cotton, to which lycra or polyester fiber is sometimes added in reasonable amounts. The fabric of the panties breathes and does not cause irritation or overheating, which can be found if you constantly wear swimming trunks.


Panties Swimming trunks
In the classic version they have a rectangular shapeUsually they have a triangular shape
Put on under other linenUsed as an independent wardrobe item
Serve to protect the genitals from infections, hypothermia, rubbingDesigned exclusively for water procedures, swimming
Used as erotic lingerie in a casual settingDesigned to emphasize the sexuality of a man or woman in a beach atmosphere
Made mainly of natural materialsFabric at least 50% synthetic