The difference between booking and coloring.

Modern hair dyeing procedures allow the use of many different techniques. The number of hairdressing services is growing every day so that the salons can cater to all the requests of sophisticated clients. The main trends in hair coloring are coloring and bronzing. Both methods gained popularity and found female fans, but few people know the details of their implementation, as well as some of the nuances of these techniques. In general terms, booking is a type of coloring. But in salons, these procedures are usually separated. So what is the difference between bronzing and coloring, and why does this segregation occur?


Coloring is one of the types hair coloring, in which curls acquire more than one shade of color. But a salon procedure usually involves the use of contrasting tones that are significantly different from natural ones. Coloring is preferred by lovers of attracting attention - impudent and bright persons. It also has several variations, among which the bronding technique is distinguished - the transition from a darker tone to a light one.

The basis of bronding is naturalness, soft and smooth flow of one color into another. This technique is suitable for girls who have not decided what they like more - dark or light hair color, but at the same time who want to look in accordance with fashion trends.


Despite the similarity, there is some difference between bronding and coloring.

The armoring technique is performed using at least three tones and no more than five. At the same time, they are selected so as to achieve a smooth transition and the effect of "burnt hair" or light highlights. At the roots, the curls should acquire a dark color, and become light at a distance of a centimeter from the crown of the head. Ultimately, the hair takes on honey, bronze, wheat or coffee shades. If the curls originally belong to a brunette or brown-haired woman, then they are completely painted a tone lighter, and then they begin to change the tips. The main task - the image should be gentle, natural, not too provocative, elegant.

With the coloring technique, it is allowed to give color to only one strand in any place or to dye all hair in completely different colors. Any tones of paint are used - from natural to completely unusual for the eye. The natural color can be left at the request of the client, even if the colored strands contrast strongly with the original ones. Sharp transitions from color to color are allowed. The procedure allows you to add visual volume, emphasize an unusual hairstyle. Basically, coloring is focused on bright images, the use of a wide color palette.

You can immediately notice how bronding differs from coloring. However, even if the two techniques in the salons stand out as different procedures with different costs, then initially bronding is one of the ways to perform coloring, as well as highlighting, ombre and other similar types of gradient coloring.


Booking Coloring
Natural colors with predominantly warm huesVarious colors
At least three and up to five tonesOne or more tones
Specific dyeing techniqueDyeing any strands
Natural and naturalBrightness and contrast