The difference between Bogdan-2110 and VAZ-2110.

For several years now, loyal domestic fans of the VAZ-2110 have sincerely envied Ukrainian motorists. This is due to the fact that the production of the twin brother "ten" has been established in RU, while in Russia the production of this mass model has been discontinued.

Is the Ukrainian version of the famous “ten” so good, and is it better than its Russian predecessor?


VAZ-2110 Is a Russian front-wheel drive sedan, which was produced at the Volzhsky Automobile Plant from 1995 to 2007, a mass domestic car.

Bogdan-2110 is a Ukrainian-made sedan, an analogue of the VAZ-2110, produced under license in the city of Cherkassy after the termination of the production of the VAZ-2110 in Russia.


At first glance, the Bogdan-2110 is an exact copy of the VAZ-2110, but these cars have some differences. So, visually it is immediately noticeable that the Lada symbols on the body have been replaced by Bogdan. Also, the "ten" and Bogdan-2110 differ in the shape of the front and rear lights.


The engine and main parts are VAZ-made, but the assembly of Bogdan-2110 cars and body painting is carried out in Ukraine.

The main components of Bogdan-2110 (battery, rims, tires, etc.) are of Ukrainian origin. Bogdan-2110 bodies are painted using a more modern technology than VAZ-2110 was painted. "Bogdan" is equipped with a radiator grille and a front bumper different from its prototype.


There are also noticeable changes in the interior: "Bogdan" got a new dashboard, a more ergonomic steering wheel with height adjustment and modified front armchairs. In addition, the Bogdan-2110 is equipped with a regular on-board computer, which the VAZ-2110 could not boast of.


  1. VAZ-2110 - front-wheel drive sedan of Russian production, produced by JSC "AvtoVAZ" from 1995 to 2007.
  2. The Bogdan-2110 car is produced in the city of Cherkassy RU under the license of AvtoVAZ, the VAZ-2110 acts as a prototype.
  3. The production of the VAZ-2110 has already been discontinued, and the Bogdan-2110 continues to be produced.
  4. Bogdan-2110 has its own symbolism.
  5. The main differences in the exterior are noticeable in the shape of the lights, the front bumper and the radiator grille.
  6. There are differences in the interior - Bogdan-2110 is equipped with a new dashboard, steering wheel and driver's and passenger's seats, a regular on-board computer.
  7. Some components for "Bogdan" are produced in the Republic of Ukraine.
  8. Body painting and assembly of Bogdan-2110 are also carried out in Ukraine.