The difference between ballet flats and bohemian shoes.

Some sports require special footwear. Take, for example, dancing, choreography, gymnastics, rhythm, trampoline jumping, in which the comfort of the legs plays an almost decisive role. Adherents of such an active and rewarding pastime need to pay close attention to the choice of the most comfortable sports shoes. In this article, we will tell you how ballet shoes differ from gym shoes.



Ballerinas - soft-soled fabric shoes for active sports. This term also refers to the classic closed-toe women's shoes, which are usually used for everyday wear. This type of footwear got its name due to the similarity with the integral part of the outfit of ballerinas. Introduced in New York at the end of the 19th century, it soon gained worldwide popularity. The author of the ballet flats is considered the shoemaker Salvatore Capezio, who once specialized in sewing dance shoes. Having achieved success in this direction, he became the founder of his own company. Such famous dancers as Anna Pavlova, Alicia Alonso, Bob Foss, etc. performed in shoes produced under his brand.

Czech women

Gym shoes - soft shoes with thin flexible soles, designed for gymnastics and dancing. Famed at the beginning of the 20th century, these athletic shoes remain popular to this day. Not a single physical education activity in a modern kindergarten is complete without this accessory. And this is quite understandable, because in terms of convenience and accessibility, Czech women take first place among sports shoes. By the way, the appearance of the accessory has hardly changed since the moment of its invention. The first sports shoes were created back in 1862 in the Czech Republic. This is where the name of the shoe comes from.


Let's start, perhaps, with a more popular product in our country. For the production of scales, leather or leatherette is usually used. Shoes can have both slip and non-slip soles depending on the sport for which the accessory is purchased. It is made of leather, rubber or rubberized fabric. It is worth noting that the first material is less durable due to its tendency to tread quickly. Gym shoes with a rubberized sole serve an order of magnitude longer and practically do not slip. The upper part of the shoe is equipped with a wide, loose elastic band for fixing the accessory on the foot. However, this detail does not fit the foot securely enough, and therefore the shoe can fly off during the dance. The main advantages of the products are availability, affordable cost and a wide range of colors.

The main difference between ballet flats and slippers lies in the material of manufacture. For the first accessory, a high-strength cotton fabric is usually taken to allow the foot to breathe. Ballerinas have a split sole, equipped with leather inserts in the upper and lower parts of the foot. These elements have an anti-slip function. In comparison with Czech shoes, ballet flats fit the foot better. In addition, they are often equipped with a special transverse elastic band for a more secure fit on the leg. And the presence of lacing allows you to adjust the accessory in size.

It is clear that fabric is a more fragile material than leather. That is why the lifespan of ballet flats is often only two to three months. However, there are products with suede or leather inserts on the toes and toes to prevent abrasion of the shoes. In addition, fabric shoes must be washed regularly, which also has a negative effect on their durability.

A more accurate answer to the question, what is the difference between ballet shoes and Czech shoes, will help to find a comparative table.

Ballerinas Gym shoes
Made of cotton fabric that allows the foot to breatheMade of leather or leatherette
Split sole with leather inserts in the upper and lower parts of the footSolid leather sole, rubber or rubberized fabric
In addition to the transverse elastic, they are equipped with lacing for more secure attachment of the accessory and adjust its sizeFixed on the foot with elastic bands located in the upper part of the shoe
Perfectly fits the footThey do not hold the foot securely enough, they can fly off during the dance
Available only in a specialized sports storeSold in almost any shoe outlet
Wear very quickly, require regular washingLonger service life, do not require special care
This term means not only cloth shoes for dancing, but also women's shoes with a closed toeAre exclusively sports shoes