The difference between an exhibition and a fair.

If you own a business, manufacture a product or provide services to the public, you need advertising. You can put it on a billboard, radio, television, advertise in a newspaper. Another effective way to get buyers is to participate in exhibitions and fairs.

Fair - The event is short-term, recurring from time to time and usually held in the same place. The fair presents samples of goods and services from many enterprises belonging to one or more industries.

The main idea of ​​the fair is to demonstrate to the consumer most of the goods and services offered by this company, to disseminate information about itself and, if possible, to conclude transactions.

Exhibition is, first of all, a demonstration of the achievements of your enterprise. In addition to commercial interest, the exhibition involves discussions, exchange of experience, search for new ideas. Exhibitions are often limited to one theme and are usually held in the same location each time.

The main purpose of the exhibition and fair

The heads of enterprises expect from the fair, first of all, the conclusion of large agreements or contracts, they hope for the possibility of wholesale of their goods (services).

Strasbourg Fair in Moscow

The main goal of the exhibition is to demonstrate its achievements, establish new contacts, inform business about its existence, hoping in the future for long-term and profitable relationship.

The subject of the exhibition and fair

Acquaintance with novelties in the industry, discussion of scientific information with the involvement of specialists, signing contracts and concluding transactions - this is the subject of the exhibition.

The subject of the fair is the organization of advertising, the provision of services for the conclusion of contracts, the analysis and preparation of information about the product.


  1. Samples of products are brought to the exhibition. The products themselves go to the fair.
  2. The purpose of the exhibition is self-promotion with the subsequent conclusion of contracts. The purpose of the fair is to sell the presented goods.