The difference between aikido and karate.

If you look at these 2 types of martial arts from the outside, then karate will look more aggressive, tougher. Indeed, it is dominated by direct, sharp blows. In aikido, grips and throws are more often used, movements are usually circular or have an indirect vector. This is all connected with the same philosophy of art: as much as possible to minimize the injury to the opponent. The main sign of mastery is the ability to repel an attack without causing harm.

For karate, first of all, strength and endurance are needed, as well as speed of reaction. In this type of martial arts, an indicator of mastery is the ability to fight without being distracted by external stimuli, or especially! - to internal emotions.


Let us list again all the points in order to remember what is the difference between aikido and karate.

Aikido Karate
To protect yourself and the enemyFor attack and self-defense
Weapons can be usedNo weapons
More attention focuses on the philosophy of artMore emphasis is placed on training strength, endurance and reaction
Using the opponent's strength to repel an attackUsing one's own inner and physical strength
Circular and indirect movements, throws prevail.Sharp, direct strikes are mainly used