The difference between a yacht and a boat.

Every person has a dream. And each has its own. As a rule, a certain amount of money is required for its implementation. Many, having achieved relative material independence, strive to make their dreams come true. Sometimes there is too little time left for that. And some are ready, denying themselves even the smallest pleasures, to organize their whole life so that, in the end, they will achieve what they want.

For hundreds of boys and girls, the sea and "scarlet sails" remain their cherished dream for life. Someone, in order to realize their dream, starts sailing, someone saves the amount necessary to purchase a vessel, and some try to make it on their own.

The means by which you can move on the water, a huge variety. These are boats of various types, and huge liners, and ferries, and many, many other floating facilities. However, the most common, comfortable enough, and relatively affordable of them are a boat and a yacht.

A boat can be called any small ship or other vessel, from one and a half to forty meters in length, the distinguishing feature of which is the presence of a motor as a driving force.

A yacht is a vessel with an average length of seven to twelve meters, intended for travel or sports. The yacht does not carry cargo or passengers, does not carry out engineering and rescue work at sea. A yacht is a real indicator of wealth, as poor people cannot afford to maintain a luxury yacht, even if they manage to get one.

Yachts are most often divided into three groups:

  • sailing
  • sail-motor
  • motor.

Motor sailing yachts are half a yacht and half a boat. Concerning motor yachts in the professional environment, there have been disputes for a long time whether this vessel can still be called a yacht, or is it still an ordinary boat, since they have no fundamental differences. A sailing yacht is a yacht in its classic sense.

Speed ​​

The speed of a sailing yacht depends on the strength of the wind, the direction of travel, and reaches a maximum value of 30 knots, that is, 55 km / h. This figure was set in America, in cup races. And the average speed of such a vessel is 6-10 knots.

The speed of the boat depends on its size and the power of the motor. It can accelerate up to 130 km / h (70 knots) under certain technical conditions.

Sailing range

Sailing range on a sailing yacht is limited only by the desire and the amount of provisions on board.

To go on a long journey by boat, you need to calculate the fuel consumption. So, the maximum range when receiving additional fuel in the economy mode of its consumption is no more than 1500 km. In addition to the fuel limitation, financial solvency will affect the range and duration of your travels, since fuel costs cause significant damage to your wallet. Just to budge a medium-sized vessel, you need at least 10 liters.

Draft and size of the crew

The boat is located on the water evenly, confidently, only some vibration of the hull and excessive noise interferes. The draft of an average boat is about 0.9 meters. The minimum crew of the boat is two people.

The draft of a yacht of the same size is 2-2.5 meters. In addition, the yacht has disadvantages to one side roll. Although many yachtsmen believe that such a position of the vessel on the surface of the water only adds adrenaline and romance to sailing. The crew of the yacht can consist of two or three people, but it is better to be on deck with at least four people for long journeys.


Even the smallest motor yacht costs approximately 50-70 thousand euros. The price of a sailing yacht is much less, starting from 12-15 thousand dollars.

Sailing yacht

When choosing between a new small yacht and a used large yacht, the latter should be preferred. Since for a yacht, its length is a guarantee of reliability.

A boat up to five meters in length equipped with an outboard motor can be purchased for several thousand dollars. For large cruise boats and the corresponding prices - 180-250 thousand conventional units.

When purchasing a ship, you should remember that it will have to be moored somewhere, assigned for storage in the winter, hire a team that will maintain and operate it during swimming time. In addition, there are fuel costs (for motor yachts and boats), and a lot of time spent doing proper maintenance.

The main differences between a yacht and a boat

  1. Motor yachts are equated to boats.
  2. The yacht rolls during the course, the boat is distinguished by increased noise and vibration.
  3. The speed of movement on a yacht is several times less than the speed of a boat and depends on the strength of the wind.
  4. The yacht can be moved as long as the supply of provisions allows; by boat - until you run out of fuel.
  5. Buying a boat is more affordable for the average buyer than yachts. The cost of annual maintenance of any vessel is comparable to 20 percent of the cost of the vessel itself.