The difference between a watchman and a security guard.

The protection of material values ​​and people requires special physical qualities - and it is difficult to argue with that. However, not only security guards, but also watchmen are engaged in the protection of property and persons. What is the difference between them and which profession is more promising and prestigious?


Watchman - this is the person who protects the object from unlawful encroachments and extraordinary circumstances. If any danger arises, the watchman must, in accordance with his instructions, call the specialized service: the police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, "Ambulance", etc.

A security guard is a specialist of appropriate qualifications who is responsible for the protection of an object, event, person. Proof of professional skills is required to carry out such activities. Protection can be simple and militarized, and the person carrying it has the right to use violence and weapons under certain circumstances.


As can be seen from the definitions, the main differences between the subjects lie in their professional duties. If the guard must actively resist the danger, using violence and weapons if necessary, then the guard must only promptly notify of the impending disaster. Only those persons who have received a license in accordance with the established procedure can guard. A capable person who, according to his data, is suitable for such work, can become a watchman.

The guard may search a person who seems suspicious to him. For this purpose, the watchman must call the police officers, but he himself has no right to perform such an action. However, he may ask the suspect to show the contents of the bag or pockets on his own.


  1. Purpose. The guard actively protects the object, and the watchman notifies about the danger in a timely manner.
  2. Preparation. To work in the guard, you need to undergo special training, and you can guard without it.
  3. Requirements for the subject. A security guard can only be a person whose qualifications are confirmed accordingly. The maximum that the watchman goes through is an interview and medical examination when hiring.
  4. Special powers. The guard has the right to use weapons and the use of violence in an emergency, the watchman does not.
  5. Conducting a search. The guard can conduct a face search, while the guard can only conduct a visual inspection.