The difference between a tourist and a traveler.

The desire to change the environment, unwind and relax is inherent in every person. However, if it rolls over some from time to time, others cannot imagine their life without wandering and wandering. And why not, because this also has its own romance! In our article we will tell you how the tourist differs from the traveler.



Tourist - a person visiting a place (country) of temporary stay for educational, professional, recreational, religious, sports and other purposes. There is another definition of this term. It also means a consumer of a travel product purchased through an operator or agency.



Traveler - a person making a trip. In fact, this short definition is fraught with tremendous meaning. Laptev, Kruzenshtern, Dezhnev, Nikitin and other famous personalities can be attributed to the number of great Russian travelers who became famous all over the world. All of them made many of the most valuable discoveries, each of which is firmly included in the treasury of our history.



Surprisingly, two seemingly identical concepts differ significantly from each other. A tourist is a person who goes on vacation. As a rule, he makes trips once or twice a year during his well-deserved vacation. The rest of the time, a person leads his usual life in his hometown: he goes to work, communicates with family and friends, and performs everyday activities. When vacation time comes, he seeks to relax as much as possible in comfortable conditions and gain strength for the year ahead.

In fact, most tourist travel is made for purely leisure reasons. That is, a person goes to the country not to get to know it, but in order to take advantage of the benefits of the local infrastructure. His impressions of the rest depend on a number of external factors: the comfort of the flight, accommodation conditions, quality of service, etc. In addition, the tourist is on his journey for a certain period of time. Often, he plans the timing of the rest in advance and tries not to deviate from them.

The main difference between a tourist and a traveler is that the first one leaves and arrives. The second never knows how long his journey will last. The tourist simply admires the world around him, while the traveler carefully examines it, sets up experiments, using himself as a tool. And it doesn't matter at all how far the route will be laid. This can be an ordinary trip to the nearest forest or climbing Mount Everest. Any journey is perceived by a person as another step on the way to knowledge of the world. Often in the minds of such people lives an irresistible desire for activity aimed at achieving an illusory goal. And it is valued higher than your own life.

Thus, a traveler is a person who, in principle, may not go anywhere. I left the house, "wound" a couple of tens of kilometers around the neighborhood and was saturated with impressions for the day ahead. For him, travel is a habitual way of life, an integral part of it. The home for the wanderer is the place where he is at the moment. At the same time, the traveler is not looking for comfort. He can sleep in a hammock or on bare ground, eat dry rations, travel tens of kilometers on foot. He always goes only forward, accepts reality as it is, and knows how to admire the true beauty of the world around him. It is believed that one cannot become a traveler, one can only be born. This gift is akin to a vocation.

To draw a conclusion, what is the difference between a tourist and a traveler, the comparative table will help:

Tourist Traveler
The main goal is restSeeks to contemplate the world around
Tied to serviceDoes not seek comfort, easily adapts to any conditions
Avoids stressful situationsNot afraid of danger
In advance plans the timing of the tripNever knows how long his journey will last
Travel is viewed from the perspective of leisure and escape from everyday routineTravel is a habitual way of life