The difference between a speech pathologist and a speech therapist.

Our children are our hope, because they are associated with the innermost dreams of every parent. That is why moms and dads try to provide their beloved child with everything necessary for proper growth and development.


The defectologist has such specialization as defectology. And this is, first of all, work with mental and physical disabilities of children. The training program for defectologists includes such fundamentals as neurology and psychiatry, psychology and pedagogy. These specialists study those sciences that may be useful to them in the process of work, namely, deaf-pedagogy and oligophrenopedagogy.

Unlike a defectologist, a speech therapist deals with ordinary children, without mental retardation and disruption of the central nervous system. He works on the correct pronunciation, on the formulation of sounds and syllables.


So, the defectologist deals with problem children who have impaired hearing or diseases of the central nervous system. A defectologist works, first of all, on the child's thinking, on his ways of knowing the world, or rather, on attention and speech perception. Unlike a speech therapist, he does not correct pronunciation defects, but only helps the baby express his thoughts. That is, in fact, defectologists do not stage speech, but only struggle with problems caused by mental disorders.

A defectologist can start working with children of one year old, and a speech therapist starts working with children from three years old. The speech therapist corrects and develops speech, puts sounds and pronunciation, while the speech therapist deals with the lag in the development of the child caused by various disorders and helps the child to learn about the world.

So, for example, a speech therapist will not teach a child about colors, he will pronounce their names, striving for the correct pronunciation, while the task of a defectologist is to familiarize the child with flowers and learn the name of each of them. That is, in fact, a defectologist is a wide-profile specialist, while a speech therapist is responsible only for correcting speech disorders.


  1. A defectologist works with problem and sick children, a speech therapist deals exclusively with healthy children.
  2. A defectologist starts classes with one-year-old babies, a speech therapist begins to work with children when they reach three years of age.
  3. A defectologist is a broad-profile specialist, a speech therapist is a narrow-profile specialist.