The difference between a salon and a store.

You can buy goods and services both in cheap stores and in expensive salons. These establishments differ significantly not only in terms of prices, but also in design, and most importantly, in their target audience. Let's try to highlight the main differences between the categories and draw conclusions about how significant the difference is.


Salon - an elite establishment selling expensive goods, providing several types of exclusive services, located in a stationary building with a conceptual design of the area. In addition, the salon can display products intended for wholesale and retail sales in other establishments.

Shop - a stationary, temporary or mobile facility that carries out retail and small wholesale trade in consumer goods, providing services to visitors. The outlet necessarily has a certain stock of products, which is stored either in the warehouse or in the main premises.


Thus, it is evident from the definitions that the salon is always a stationary object located in the room. He can demonstrate luxury goods (cars, designer jewelry, clothing), as well as provide various services (beauty salon, atelier). The store can be temporary (seasonal trade) and mobile (auto shop), as well as deal exclusively with the sale of products.

The services provided are aimed at increasing sales (for example, cutting products, packaging goods, heating food). It is not customary to save space in the salon, since special attention is paid to the display of samples and the convenience of customers. In the store, goods are displayed in such a way that the maximum number of products can be placed on each square meter.


  1. Location. A showroom is always located in a stationary building, while a store can be seasonal or mobile.
  2. Features of the activity. The store is aimed at selling goods, the salon is also aimed at demonstrating them, or providing a number of services.
  3. Registration. In the store, special attention is paid to functionality, in the salon - to aesthetics.
  4. Target audience. Stores are aimed at an extremely wide range of customers, salons - at wealthy individuals interested in the presented goods.
  5. Service. The main task of the seller in the store is to sell as many goods as possible, in the salon - to win the customer's favor, to give him advice on various issues.