The difference between a replica watch and an original.

Of course, numerous online sellers and consultants in stores will say nothing. Refrain "why pay more for a brand?" is very popular not only in Russian society, and not to let the oligarchs cash in on the accessories purchased by the consumer is practically a sport. Replica watches of elite brands are a popular product, but not cheap, although they are incomparable in cost to the original. Breguet, Longines, Rolex at a price of ten dollars without a discount are not replicas, but a low-quality imitation, unworthy even to be called a fake. By the way, the latter also have nothing to do with replicas: fakes are passed off as original products, decorating with glass and using stainless steel instead of titanium alloys, and leatherette instead of fine leather. Replicas are noble products, therefore they are popular.


Originals of watches from which replicas are made - most often models are popular and expensive, intended for business and media elite, inlaid with precious stones and metals. The original models go all the way to the counter under the direct control and participation of the manufacturer, which ultimately allows us to speak of the highest quality of the product.

A replica watch is an accurate, down to the smallest design details, a replica of a well-known, most often elite, model, created by professionals and meeting quality standards.


What is the difference between a replica watch and an original? Most professionals agree that quality replicas can only be distinguished from originals by master manufacturers or jewelers. Externally, the replicas are perfectly similar to the sample. Even the logos or the brand name of the manufacturer are copied, with the exception of hidden signs, for example, changing colors at a certain angle of view or protruding inscriptions.

Naturally, a replica always costs less than the original, the cost of which initially includes the work of the design team and the marketing component. Replica creators do not need developers to completely copy the proposed sample. Also, the cost is reduced due to the replacement of precious stones and metals with high-quality, but cheaper ones. Expensive replicas do not descend to bottle glass, Swarovski crystals, plastic and stainless steel, but the diamonds in them are replaced by fionites, alloy steel with gold plating is used instead of gold, and super-strong alloys are used instead of titanium. There is no low price for high-quality replicas: the materials are quite expensive, but still ten times cheaper than the original ones.

Lower-level replicas that mimic the design in general cost little, the materials used are cheap, and the line between them and imitation is thin. However, in order to still consider a watch a copy, you need a high-quality assembly and guaranteed operation of the movement. Concessions are made precisely on materials, therefore, replicas of the lowest level do not have impact resistance, moisture resistance and a long-term guarantee.

Often, manufacturers of original watches give permission to make replicas of their models to third-party companies. This allows high quality copies to be produced that meet original quality standards. Replicas are most often assembled in the same country as the originals, and almost never in third world countries or China.

The main difference between even a good replica and the original watch is the mechanism. Professionals are not going to share secrets, they keep the intricacies of technologies to themselves, therefore it is impossible to copy them. The “stuffing” of the copied watches is most often standardized, having practically nothing in common with the original. Naturally, this affects the service life and functionality. Replica manufacturers rarely copy patented parts - in this case, the cost of the product increases.


  1. Replicas of watches do not copy hidden signs of originals' authenticity.
  2. Replicas use less expensive materials.
  3. Poor quality replicas lack the properties and functionality of the originals.
  4. The replica mechanism is always different from the original, and the warranty for its life is minimal.
  5. Replicas are ten times cheaper than the originals, but their cost cannot be considered low.