The difference between a raven and a crow.

There are no fundamental differences between a raven and a raven. Both bird species belong to the same genus Ravens of the Vranov family. In addition to the Raven itself and the Black Crow, in the Raven family there are the Australian Crow and the Hawaiian Raven, the White-necked Crow and the Guam Raven and Rook. Perhaps the principle by which a species of animals was called a raven or a raven depended on the whim of a particular ornithologist, compiler of a reference book or translator.


Raven... The Latin name is Corvus corax. The raven is the largest bird of the Passeriformes order. It is in the parameters of the body of birds that sexual dimorphism of animals is manifested. The length of the female is no more than 60 cm, the body length of the male reaches 65 cm. The weight of the male varies between 1000-1560 g, sexually mature females weigh from 800 to 1300 g. The wingspan of an adult animal reaches one and a half meters.


The color of the raven's feather cover is monotonous black, with a slight bluish tint. Young birds are deprived of this overflow. The iris and beak are black. The beak itself is quite powerful and sharp. The claws are the same - they are able to hold prey equal to half the weight of the bird. The tail is wedge-shaped.

The bird skillfully moves on the ground, and before takeoff is forced to make a couple of jumps. The flight of a raven is similar to that of birds of prey, not of passerine birds.

Birds live up to 70 years, mate for life and are caring parents. Crows are widespread in the northern hemisphere, on the territory of Eurasia and North America, in addition to natural zones of the equatorial and subequatorial type of climate.

Black Crow

Black Crow. The Latin name is Corvus corone. Within the species, 4 subspecies have crystallized: the common Hooded crow, the eastern hooded crow, the common black crow and the eastern black crow. All subspecies live only on the territory of the continent of Eurasia, except for tropical latitudes.

Black crow

The color of the feather of a crow is black with a greenish-purple tint. The bird's beak, eyes and legs are black. The hooded crow has a gray body with black wings and head. The body length of the bird varies from 48 to 56 cm. There are albino crows. Ravens prefer to live alone or with their "soul mate", which they do not change throughout their lives.

Ravens build a pair of nests and change them every few years. The female incubates eggs on her own. After 18 days, about 5 chicks hatch from them. In a month, the little crows are ready to learn to fly. There are cases when grown-up chicks of an old brood help parents to feed chicks of a new brood.

Crows are omnivorous and predatory. They eat everything, from grains and worms to eggs and someone else's chick. Birds have a high level of intelligence. Scientists have proven that they have abstract thinking.


  1. The main difference between birds is the mass and length of the animal's body. The raven is slightly larger than the size and weight of the black ravens.
  2. The second indicator is distribution. The distribution area of ​​the crow exceeds that of the crow.