The difference between a purse and a wallet.

It is almost impossible for a modern person to go outside without money, documents, business cards and credit cards. We need all these vital little things both in transport and in the store... Yes, practically everywhere! And it is very convenient to put them away in compact handbags specially created for these purposes - their range is currently simply huge. You can choose both a wallet and a purse. Just what to prefer on a case-by-case basis? And what are the differences between these essential accessories today? Let's try to figure it out.


Portmone - a small wallet with several compartments for both money and documents.

A purse is a flat small handbag, usually made of leather or fabric, used to carry and store cash.


Of course, today the wallet is not the ancient canvas bag that was tied with a rope and attached to a belt. And money in ancient times was completely different. But the ubiquity of paper bills gave impetus to the appearance of flat elegant handbags in which it was so convenient to arrange sorted cash.

A modern wallet is mainly a lady's accessory. Usually, its length is 17-20 cm, and its width is 8-10 cm, which allows you to fold bills, even of the highest denomination, in an unfolded form into your wallet. Due to its size, such a thing is very inconvenient to carry in your pocket, but in a handbag it is located just fine. The compact wallet fits perfectly into a trouser or shirt pocket, which is very convenient for men who prefer to keep their hands free at all times. A purse is smaller in size than a wallet, so the bills in it are usually folded in half: they simply do not fit entirely.

Ladies' wallet

The wallet usually has compartments with a zipper, and secret pockets, and space for business cards, discount and credit cards. In all wallets, there is a compartment for change without fail, but in a purse it may not be. Moreover, if such a compartment is nevertheless present in the purse, then it will be closed exclusively with a clasp in the form of a button, but in a wallet, change can be hidden both behind the button and behind the latch. A purse is such an ascetic accessory that it often does without a common fastener, just slamming shut. But the outside of the wallet, as a rule, has either a velcro strap or a button closure.

Since a purse is the prerogative of women, then its design is always more "fun" and versatile than that of a purse. A men's wallet is solidity itself, it should emphasize the status of its owner and rarely has a color other than black and brown. But wallets come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from discreet to very bright and eye-catching. Manufacturers often decorate wallets with beads, rhinestones, metallic sparkles, appliqués. Wallets tend to have smoother corners than wallets. For the sake of fairness, it is worth noting that sometimes elegant, compact women's wallets are also on sale: from their appearance it immediately becomes clear that they are intended for the fair sex.

The materials used for these accessories should also be noted. Purses are made mainly of well-made leather. The wallet can be fabric, synthetic, suede, or leather proper.

Men's wallet


  1. The wallet is larger than the wallet in size: it easily fits large bills, the purse has to bend them.
  2. Purses can be both male and female, a purse is an exclusively ladies' accessory.
  3. In all models of wallets there is a compartment for change, in a purse it usually does not exist.
  4. Wallet change compartment with snap or snap closure. If it is in the wallet, then a button clasp is used.
  5. A wallet usually has a common clasp, but a wallet does not.
  6. A purse, in comparison with a purse, is distinguished by the severity of colors and finishes.
  7. A purse is usually leather, a wallet can be made of almost any material.