The difference between a paramedic and a doctor.

When we go to a polyclinic for help, we usually do not think about the qualifications of medical personnel. Meanwhile, there is a big difference, who deals with our treatment - a doctor or a paramedic? Let's see what is the difference between these two concepts.


Doctor - this is a medical professional with a higher medical education. He has the right not only to make a diagnosis, but also to treat the patient, including surgery. The doctor determines the degree of the patient's ability to work and issues sick leave certificates or certificates of the need for light work.

Paramedic is a specialist with secondary specialized medical education. The very concept of "paramedic" came to us from Germany, because this is how the healers who treated wounded soldiers during the campaigns were called in the Middle Ages. About 90% of paramedics used to work instead of therapists, for example in rural areas and in small towns. They had the right to diagnose a patient and prescribe treatment, and they could write out sick leaves and prescriptions.


Today paramedics work at railway stations, ships, ports, medical centers, airports and military units. Their main task is to provide the patient with first aid before the arrival of specialists. In 90% of cases, paramedics work at ambulance stations, they are entrusted with making a preliminary diagnosis and providing first aid, and, if necessary, delivering a patient to a hospital, where doctors will deal with the patient's treatment. Today the situation has changed dramatically and even a paramedic must have a higher education. However, the catastrophic shortage of medical personnel still allows paramedics to hold medical positions, write sick leaves and provide simple surgical care, for example, for burns and injuries.


  1. A doctor is a specialist with a higher medical education, a paramedic has a secondary medical education (technical school, college, college).