The difference between a nurse and a cleaning lady.

Among the personnel of medical institutions, a certain niche is occupied by nurses and cleaners. What are these positions, what responsibilities do they correspond to, and what is the difference between a nurse and a cleaner? This is discussed below.


Nurse is a junior worker in medical institutions who is assigned an auxiliary function.

A cleaning lady is an employee of an institution whose main task is to put things in order in the surrounding space.


The two above-mentioned activities have in common the fact that in these cases no special education is required. However, nurses sometimes receive some preliminary training in the form of short training. The need for it depends on the work to be done.

The main difference between a nurse and a cleaner is the range of duties assigned to them. Workers belonging to the first of these categories can perform the following actions (they depend on the specifics of the workplace):

  1. maintenance of wards (cleaning, ventilation, disinfection), maintaining the sanitary condition of the premises to provide assistance to patients;
  2. preparation of medical equipment and necessary instruments; delivery of sterile material to hospital departments and offices; help in developing images, creating solutions; preparation of used disposable and dressings for disposal;
  3. escorting or transporting patients to the treatment room; washing, shaving, feeding and other types of care for bedridden patients; removal, washing and delivery of vessels;
  4. providing patients with clean bed linen, changing sleeping places.

In many cases, the nurse is the nurse's assistant and follows her instructions. As for the cleaning lady, she must maintain cleanliness in areas not intended for direct medical care: lobbies, staircases, reception areas, toilets, corridors. The following work is performed here:

  1. washing the surface of the floor and walls;
  2. keeping window panes and frames clean; wiping doors, batteries;
  3. removing dust from furniture, shelves, shelves;
  4. disposal of rubbish bins, bins.

What is the difference between a nurse and a cleaning lady? The fact that the first of them has some advantages. For nurses, an additional payment is provided due to harmful factors of work. In this case, additional vacation is granted, as well as other privileges. The cleaning lady, in turn, does not come into close contact with patients and various products of their vital activity. The danger level is lower here. Therefore, there are no benefits for such a position.