The difference between a luxury carriage and a compartment car.

Rail transport remains the most accessible and comfortable to travel across Russia. If you need to travel 300-400 kilometers, then the type of carriage does not really matter, but what if we are talking about several thousand kilometers? Which is better, a coupe or a luxury, and which is the best option? A few simple differences will help you understand the difference between the two.


Wagon-lux Is an additional carriage, which is rented in its entirety or as a compartment for the carriage of passengers in conditions of increased comfort. The entrance is closed for outsiders, and the level of amenities depends on the specific option. Many "suites" are equipped not only with a toilet, but also with a shower cabin, minibar, heated floors, and other luxury items.

Luxury carriage

Coupe is a type of carriage that is more comfortable than reserved seats, but does not meet the level of service to the NE in terms of service. It is designed for 36 passengers - 4 people in each box. In a separate compartment there are 4 shelves - two lower and two upper. Each box has a separate entrance and storage space.



The luxury car should be distinguished from the SV, as it is a special type of VIP stay for wealthy passengers. Its configuration, number of seats and other features depend on the specific option. A compartment is a classic type of carriage with 9 four-seater compartments, 2 toilets, a box for 2 conductors. The total number of passengers cannot exceed 36 people. If we are talking about a luxury car, then, as a rule, there are no more than 8-10 passengers (if there are 4 or 5 boxes, respectively).

The interior of the compartment is made in the style of minimalism. In addition to sleeping places, it contains a table, a chandelier, 2 small reading lamps, and a mirror. If we are talking about a "suite", then it can resemble a three-star hotel: soft sofas for relaxation, a mini-bar, a TV, wi-fi, a private shower and other luxury items.


  1. The number of passengers in the carriage and compartment. The compartment accommodates 36 passengers (4 in each compartment). In a luxury carriage, as a rule, there are no more than 2 people in a compartment, no more than 10 in a carriage, but this characteristic depends on the type of "luxury".
  2. Places for rest. The compartment has 4 shelves, the suite has 2 sofas (however, upper shelves can also be provided).
  3. Interior. In the compartment carriage - minimalism, in the luxury carriage - baroque, rococo, classic and luxury.
  4. Access. You can go through the compartment carriage, access to the "suite" is always limited.
  5. Method of purchasing tickets. Compartment cars run regularly, luxury cars must be ordered separately.
  6. Cost. The price of the "luxury" is several times higher than the coupe.