The difference between a jumper and a pullover.

Paying attention to the price tags in clothing stores, you can notice one interesting fact: often the same thing has completely different names. Jumper, sweater, pullover, cardigan... Are they really that similar to each other? Let's try to find the differences between such popular wardrobe items as a jumper and a pullover.


Jumper - a piece of knitted or crocheted outerwear with a round collar and without fasteners.

Pullover is a kind of jumper. Shoulder jersey or woolen garment worn over the head.


These garments differ in the shape of the collar. If the jumper has it round, then the pullover has a V-shaped one. Both can be worn by both men and women. However, the pullover is worn exclusively over the head, while the jumper may have buttons or fasteners. The name of the first comes from the English phrase pull over, which literally means "to put on over the head." Until the beginning of the 20th century, pullovers were considered purely sportswear, attracting golfers and tennis players with their convenience due to the lack of fasteners. The word jumper is also of English origin, derived from the noun jumper - "jumper". Initially, this garment belonged to the category of athletes' sports equipment, which owes its name. Now, both jumpers and pullovers are worn by literally everyone, regardless of age, gender and occupation.

Jumper Pullover

By the way, until about the mid-20s of the XX century, wearing a pullover was considered the prerogative of an exceptionally strong half of humanity. The growth in popularity of this little thing among women was facilitated by the legendary Coco Chanel, a lover of introducing purely masculine elements of clothing into women's fashion. It is thanks to her that the pullover has acquired an elegant and flirty note. As a result, this wardrobe item has become especially popular among the wealthy public in the most expensive resorts. A wide variety of materials are used for sewing modern jumpers and pullovers, including cotton, wool, acrylic, viscose, polyester. Whatever the garments are made from, they are ideal for absolutely any season, which makes them even more popular.


  1. A pullover is a kind of jumper that is worn over the head.
  2. A jumper may have buttons and fasteners, while a pullover does not.
  3. A distinctive feature of the pullover is the V-neckline, while the jumper has a round neckline.