The difference between a doctor and a doctor.

Our life is closely connected with many branches of science and, of course, medicine is no exception. We are born in a medical institution, observed in a polyclinic, and subsequently undergo medical examinations and take our children there. That is why we often have a question, what is the difference between the terms doctor and doctor.


Doctor - it is a medical practitioner who has the appropriate qualifications in the specialty.

Doctor is a scientific degree following the candidate of sciences, which characterizes a person as a researcher.

A PhD (even in medicine) does not have to be a doctor. A doctor, in turn, is absolutely not required to have an academic degree of doctor or candidate.


However, in modern usage, the words "doctor" and "doctor" are often used interchangeably. Why is this happening? Western Europe has practiced this approach since ancient times - only those who received a doctorate at the university could be a practicing doctor. To be a doctor, a doctor must defend a thesis. Today, many believe that the title of "doctor" is a laudatory title of a specialist that exalts his dignity. However, etiquette considers such a move unacceptable and unethical, as if you called any military man a general.

Doctor and healer are primordial Russian meanings that denote a specialist who has the right to treat people or animals. Doctor (Doctor) - this is the English meaning, it means still passing certification after the end of the internship. A doctor (from the word lie, speak, speak) is a person who devotes all his knowledge to the study of human physiology, the prevention of various diseases and their treatment. A veterinarian is a person with a higher education diploma in the specialty of veterinary medicine. He deals with the treatment of diseases in animals.

Doctor of Science (doctoral degree) for Russia and some CIS countries is a scientific degree of the highest level. In order to obtain an academic degree, a specialist must write a dissertation that must comply with certain provisions. In particular, it should contain the author's research, theoretical assumptions, on the basis of which it is possible to solve any scientific problem that is of particular importance for the country.


  1. A doctor is a specialty, a profession. A doctor is an academic degree, as well as a person who has this degree.
  2. The doctor is engaged in the prevention and treatment of diseases, the doctor conducts scientific research in various fields of science and looks for ways to solve problems of national importance.
  3. Doctor - practitioner, doctor - theorist.
  4. A physician is not required to have a doctorate. A doctor of medical sciences does not have to be a doctor.