The difference between a designer and a fashion designer.

The creation of clothing requires the skill of specialists in different fields. At the same time, the role of a designer and fashion designer is invaluable. What are these professions, what is the purpose of each of them, and how does a designer differ from a fashion designer? This is discussed below.


A designer is a person who uses creativity to design products. At the same time, the planned result must meet the aesthetic, functional and technological requirements.

A fashion designer is someone who works with existing forms of clothing, changing or supplementing them, and brings the whole idea to its immediate implementation.


Each of the two professions has its own specifics. Let's consider what is the difference between a designer and a fashion designer regarding the direction of their activities. Thus, a designer designs fundamentally new clothing samples. He, relying on his imagination, develops an original style, comes up with an unexpected silhouette of a thing or provides an item of wardrobe with additional functional details. In the process of creating an image, the designer makes sketches, looking for the most effective combination of fabrics and shades, and also outlines what the decor of the product will be.

The author's idea turns out to be the main thing here. Moreover, it is based on what is interesting to people. The designer seeks to capture the mood and desires of a potential consumer and give impetus to the creation of such a product that will benefit and respond to fashion trends floating in society. A person of the named profession should have an idea of ​​the age and social characteristics of those to whom his work is directed, and understand the cultural nuances. It is also important for a designer to be able to predict whether the implementation of his idea will be justified from an economic point of view.

The fashion designer performs a more applied function. He is looking for solutions to bring the designer's vision to life. And the focus here is on the model: on how to bring it to perfection. The activity is divided into separate areas, each of which at large enterprises has its own specialist. The fashion designer-artist draws a detailed sketch on paper. He draws details, indicating their size and shape, selects options for finishing. The fashion designer develops a pattern that matches the intended pattern. And the fashion designer-technologist is engaged in the search for the most affordable ways of directly making a thing.

What is the difference between a designer and a fashion designer? The fact that the first gives an idea, and the second gives it life. But sometimes both of these skills are combined in one person. It is in such cases that great names appear in the enchanting world of fashion.