The difference between a dependent and an independent hob.

Different types of household appliances can be used in the kitchen. At the same time, equipment is often not complete without such a device as a hob. Let's consider what it is and try to find out how the dependent hob differs from the independent one.


The technique in question allows housewives to prepare food. Any type of panel looks like a flat base containing heating elements. Heat can be supplied with gas or electricity. But there are also models that assume work from any of these sources. The most popular are units with three to four burners, although some models may have a different number of the latter.


When comparing two versions of modern kitchen appliances, important design features come out on top. It is in them that the key difference between the dependent hob and the independent one lies. The very names of these devices say a lot.

So, dependent panels are not installed autonomously, but together with another functional device - an oven. All elements of the equipment are controlled from him. It is better to acquire such equipment in full confidence that both the hob and the oven will be used in the future. At the same time, before buying, you will need to think about where it is preferable to put all this.

Meanwhile an independent panel works by itself, and the entire control system is in it. Naturally, this unit alone takes up much less space and is easier to place in the kitchen. In addition, in this case, you can choose a panel with the most suitable functions for yourself, without thinking about compatibility with some other device.

If the oven is still needed, then it should be borne in mind that it and the separately purchased independent panel together will most likely cost more than the “dependent” set. But at the same time, if in the second variant of the combination the oven stops working, then the hob will become unusable. In the case of an independent panel, the breakdown of one device will not affect the functioning of the second in any way.

However, dependent models also have an advantage that should not be discounted. It's about kitchen design. Since in the store such a panel and an oven most often come in a bundle, they are combined with each other in terms of design, which means that they will look harmonious in the kitchen. The oven (if necessary) still needs to be matched to an independent surface.

So, knowing what is the difference between a dependent and an independent hob, you can make your choice. A useful purchase will be indispensable in cooking.