The difference between a brace and an orthosis.

A brace or orthosis in some cases can be a good alternative to an uncomfortable plaster cast. When are these devices used, how do they work, and how does a bandage differ from an orthosis? This is discussed below.


The above products are used for different purposes. They are often prescribed in trauma situations. Damage can appear, for example, when playing sports: in the absence of a warm-up or after unsuccessful movements. A brace or orthosis, fixing the desired place, relieves pain and speeds up the recovery of joints.

These funds are often needed in the postoperative period. They help create optimal conditions for rapid tissue healing. In addition, the contemplated devices may have a preventive function. They are used, for example, if the ligamentous apparatus is weakened, and heavy physical labor is ahead.


So, we are talking about fixing products. And the specific difference between the bandage and the orthosis lies in the degree of their rigidity and their immediate purpose. The first of these orthotics is milder. The bandage is used to support and fix tissues in one position that have partially reduced their functional activity.

Traditionally, the product is made of breathable knitwear. For the most reliable fixation on the body area, the models provide special inserts and straps. The bandage tightly envelops the problem area, but does not squeeze the tissue itself with various vessels and nerves. At the same time, a beneficial thermal effect is created.

This remedy is used by athletes to prevent sprains during intensive training. The product can relieve pain in the lower back and legs. In addition, the bandages are ideal for delicate children's skin, therefore, if possible, they are prescribed for young patients who have suffered an injury.

As for the orthosis, it is a more rigid design. It must contain solid metal or plastic parts. Means of this type are prescribed in especially serious cases when a very reliable fixation and maximum restriction of movements are required. In addition, the orthosis protects the area in the process of recovery from external mechanical influences.

Sometimes, even knowing what is the difference between a brace and an orthosis, it is difficult to tell them apart. This is due to the fact that some hard inserts may be present in products of the soft type. At the same time, in modern orthoses, the stiffeners are often hidden from view, which makes the design look like a bandage.

In any case, it is better to acquire any of these funds after consulting a specialist. A professional will help you choose a product with the required parameters. After all, the degree of fixation and sizes of bandages and orthoses may be different.