The difference between a bra and a bra.

Many people believe that the words "bra" and "bra" are absolute synonyms, and they call the same item of clothing. However, comparing the mentioned products in more detail, you can find some nuances as to how the bra differs from the bra.



Bra - a product from the category of underwear intended to be worn in the chest area in order to cover and support it. The name combines buste ("chest") and halter ("support").

At one time, the object of this purpose did not have such a thoughtful form, but was simply a wide ribbon. So, one of the lovers of those distant times figuratively wrote in his love letter that he would like to become a ribbon that tightens the beautiful breasts of his chosen one.

Nowadays, charming young ladies have the opportunity to dress seductive places not only in a classic bra with halves of cups of the same height, but also in a product with special characteristics. After all, there are a lot of varieties of such a piece of clothing.


These are both seamless bras designed to be worn under tight-fitting dresses made of thin fabric, and products of a rigid construction with removable straps to support the chest in the event that when the presence of upper straps is undesirable, and "brasier", from which the nipples almost peep out, worn in combination with a deep neckline of the dress.

The ingenious developers went further, and not ordinary functional underwear appeared on the shelves at all: musical bras capable of reproducing melodies; super-volume models that inflate at the push of a button; products that record the pressure and heart rate.


Those who call a bra a bra are right. The latter also fits the chest and has no sleeves. However, not every bra fits the concept of a bra. Let's discuss in more detail the difference between a bra and a bra.



So, “bra” is just a separate category, and “bra” is a much broader concept, and it does not only mean female-supportive underwear.

For example, a cropped children's T-shirt or part of a combination with fasteners for stockings used to be called a bra. In sewing, this word (diminutive for "bodice") means the top of the dress, covering the chest in front, and behind the back. The word "bra" is also present in the male military jargon, denoting a special vest for sheltering and carrying ammunition.

If you look at both products from the point of view of material consumption, then it usually takes less for a classic bra than for some types of bras.


Bra Bra
General conceptCategory of underwear
Can be an item of not only women's, but also children's clothing, and even a military accessoryDesigned exclusively for women
Often more material consumptionLess material is usually consumed

Now, knowing, what is the difference between a bra and a bra, do not have to confuse these two names.