The difference between a blazer and a jacket.

It is sometimes not easy to understand all the variety of items of women's clothing. It would seem that things that are almost identical in appearance have completely different names. A coat and a cardigan, a blouse and a shirt, a jacket and a jacket at last... The question of differentiating these concepts worries many modern women of fashion. Let's talk about the main differences between a jacket and a jacket.


Jacket - the upper element of the suit, which is a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket with long sleeves, buttons and a turn-down collar.

Jacket - cropped women's outerwear of various silhouettes and cut.


The jacket is a kind of jacket, its shortened variation. As a rule, the length of the jacket reaches the waist, in exceptional cases - to the middle of the thigh. The jacket is slightly longer. The latter is a universal wardrobe item - it is worn by both women and men. Jackets are worn exclusively by women.


For all the time of its existence, the jacket has not changed its purpose and to this day is an item of business style with a classic cut. Although gradually it was supplemented with new details and a variety of finishes. Still, jackets are used mainly in the daily life of business people, while jackets can be worn both to work and to parties or special events. They are designed to bring notes of grace and sophistication to the female image. If jackets are often an integral part of a suit and are complemented by classic trousers, then jackets are an independent piece of clothing that goes well with both trousers and dresses and skirts.


  1. The jacket is a kind of jacket, its shortened version.
  2. The jacket can be worn by both men and women. The jacket is a purely feminine wardrobe item.
  3. The jacket has a classic cut and has a business focus, while the jacket is used for everyday wear.
  4. A jacket is often an integral part of a suit and is worn with trousers, a jacket is an independent piece of clothing that can be combined with anything.