The difference between a bartender and a barista.

Coming to relax in a cafe or a nightclub, we order a wide variety of drinks. Often the process of their preparation falls on the shoulders of the bartender of the establishment, who takes his duty place at a special counter. This profession is very common in the modern world. What can not be said about the barista position, which causes bewilderment among the majority of our fellow citizens. So what does this employee do and what makes him related to the aforementioned bartender? This question interests many curious people who periodically visit various service establishments. Consider the difference between a bartender and a barista.


Bartender is an employee of a service establishment serving visitors at a special counter. Its functions include bottling and preparation of ordered drinks. In addition, the bartender greets the guests, finds out their taste preferences, talks about the assortment of the establishment, etc. This profession appeared in the United States during the Gold Rush. At that time, a wide range of goods was presented in the village outlets. To increase the level of sales, the store owners decided to offer visitors and alcoholic beverages, fencing off the recreation area with a kind of barrier. The separated space became known as the "bar". Hence the name of the employee serving guests. By the way, cocktails in our usual performance also originated in the USA.


Barista is a specialist in the preparation of coffee and drinks based on it. Fulfills orders of visitors. In essence, a barista is a coffee sommelier. You can master the basics of the profession at special courses that function at catering establishments. A barista not only has to be able to make delicious coffee, he must perfectly understand its types and varieties, evaluate shades of taste, be able to draw on foam, etc. This profession appeared in Italy, in the homeland of espresso. In the 1980s, it spread to the United States. Gradually, interest in the profession began to increase. In our country, it has just begun to gain momentum. Unlike Italy and the United States, baristas in Russia are exclusively engaged in the preparation of an aromatic drink. Whereas in foreign countries, he can also perform the functions of a bartender. It is not uncommon for the owners of coffee houses to become the bearers of the profession.



It should be noted right away that the comparison of professions will be carried out within the framework of our country. As mentioned above, the barista is a master of making coffee and various drinks based on it. Its functions also include the effective design of ordered items. This profession has a rather narrow specialization. The barista only deals with coffee. From the outside it may seem like a rather simple "craft", but in reality everything is much more complicated. A good employee should not only know the basics of coffee production, but also accurately recognize varieties, determine the degree of roasting of beans by taste and smell, and be able to prepare drinks on any type of device. Also, the barista must be a creative person, because he has to paint pictures on milk foam and even develop recipes for drinks.

It is worth noting that a representative of this profession does not necessarily have to contact people. He can do his job from behind the bar. The finished order is brought into the hall by the waiter. However, many baristas willingly make contact with visitors, find out their preferences, recommend drinks, and sometimes even desserts for them. Such aces of their business are the real face of the institution. It is quite obvious that representatives of the profession are most in demand in coffee shops and prestigious restaurants.

Thus, the difference between a bartender and a barista lies in job duties. The functions of the first include not only the preparation of basic types of coffee, but also work with alcoholic beverages. He should be able to mix cocktails, decorate them beautifully and arrange spectacular presentations. However, serving soft drinks also has various subtleties that the bartender should be aware of. In fact, this employee is the face of the institution. His job involves constant communication with people. Therefore, good looks, charm and sociability are essential qualities of such a person. Members of the profession usually work in bars and nightclubs.

We talked about the difference between a bartender and a barista. Let's summarize the above.


Bartender Barista
Is engaged in bottling and preparation of a wide variety of drinksActs as a specialist in the preparation of coffee and drinks based on it
Constantly in contact with customersMay do not communicate directly with visitors
Knows the recipe for the main types of coffeeKnows the basics of coffee production, unmistakably recognizes its varieties, determines the degree of roasting of beans by taste and smell, etc. d.
Works mainly in bars and nightclubsIs an employee of coffee houses and prestigious restaurants