The difference between a banquet and a buffet table.

However, serving drinks is not part of the function of the waiters. During the buffet table, the guests themselves choose the treats they like and apply them with their own hands. Such a technique presupposes the presence of an amount of dishes that is twice the number of people gathered. This is due to the fact that, moving around the hall, people forget where they left their plate or glass. As for drinks, waiters often serve them at a buffet table. Filled glasses placed on a tray are offered to guests throughout the event. However, a buffet table can be held without the participation of service personnel. Glasses with the contents are brought into the hall in advance, and guests put the used dishes on a special table.

It is impossible not to mention the differences between the banquet and buffet menus. The first assumes the presence of a wide variety of dishes, which are usually served in portions. The meal begins with salads and ends with dessert. At the buffet, there are mainly snacks. Since it is not very convenient to eat while standing, the portions are extremely small in size. They are designed literally "for one bite." Dishes are served in compact bowls, piles, ceramic spoons, tartlets, etc. We add that the height of the buffet tables should be at least 1 meter, so that it would be more convenient for those present to take glasses and snacks. Banquet pieces of furniture are somewhat lower. Usually their height reaches 70-80 cm.

A comparative table will help you to clearly assess the difference between a banquet and a buffet table.

Banquet Buffet
Guests eat sitting at the tableThose present eat while standing
Settles when the number of seats matches the number of inviteesOptimal in case of a large crowd of people in a limited area
The height of the tables is 70-80 cmThe height of the tables must reach 1 meter
Guests are looked after by the waitersSelf-service format is used
Dishes are taken out in portionsGuests put food from common plates with their own hands
The menu is very variedThere are mainly snacks
Traditional dishes are used for serving dishesDishes are designed for "one bite", served in miniature bowls, piles, ceramic spoons, tartlets etc.
The number of dishes corresponds to the number of guestsDishes are required twice as much as invited persons