The difference between a bandage and a corset.

Various devices are used to get rid of health problems, as well as for preventive purposes. These include bandages and corsets. Many people confuse these orthopedic products. Therefore, information about how the bandage differs from the corset will be important and useful.




Bandage - a belt with special characteristics. It is elastic, equipped with orthopedic elements and clasps.


Corset - a belt of rigid construction that allows you to correct the position of the spine. If we move away from medicine, this word also refers to a device for sharpening a figure.



Let's analyze both products and find out what is the difference between a bandage and a corset.


The bandage is more supportive and is also used to prevent muscle or skin sprains. The scope of its application is wide. Let's list some types of bandages with different purposes:

  1. Prenatal or postnatal. A bandage worn during pregnancy relieves a woman's condition by supporting her abdomen and reducing stress on the back. In addition, the device reduces stretching of the skin. After childbirth, the female body with a bandage recovers better: the uterus contracts faster, muscle tone normalizes.
  2. Hernial. Provides the desired position of the internal organs, preventing them from leaving the abdominal cavity.
  3. Postoperative. Reduces pain, accelerates tissue healing, fixes the abdominal cavity and chest in an optimal position.
  4. Pelvic. Designed to correct the position of the pelvic bones after injuries, during pregnancy.

Wear a bandage for preventive purposes - to avoid injury, reduce muscle fatigue. A regular bandage can be quite soft, but some models are equipped with hard elements that provide a more reliable fixation of the problem area.

The action of the brace is directed at the spine. The item is used if the spinal column is curved, injured, or if the load on it needs to be reduced. The corset often has stiffening ribs made of hard plastic or metal.

Where is the body worn

What is the difference between a bandage and a corset, apart from their purpose? In what parts of the body the devices are put on. The corset can cover the lumbosacral area without having shoulder straps in this case. And if it is necessary to stabilize the position of the entire spine, the product is extended to its thoracic region.

The bandage is worn not only in the abdomen, chest or pelvis. It can be used, for example, for neck injuries, limiting its mobility. In addition, if you need to speed up the healing of the knee and elbow joints, or to protect the named areas from injuries and sprains during hard work or sports, the bandage is put on these places.


Bandage Corset
Supports organs, prevents stretchingCorrects and fixes the spine
Worn on many parts of the bodyDoes not go beyond the abdomen and chest
Used for medical purposesCan be used not only for medicinal purposes, but also for beauty