Sunday or Sunday - how is it right?.

The words "resurrection" and "Sunday" are closely related but not interchangeable. The inaccuracy of their use in speech leads to a distortion of the meaning of the statement, therefore there is a need to determine the differences in the lexical meaning of these words.

Resurrection ” denotes an action or state expressed by the verb “resurrect”, and in Russian it is defined as revival, internal renewal, return to spiritual sources. Etymologically, it is associated with the word "cross", the sacred meaning of which is a test predetermined by higher powers and necessary for the spiritual formation of a person. “Resurrect” in biblical vocabulary means returning to life on a higher moral level.

In the modern interpretation, this meaning has retained pretentiousness and metaphor, therefore the word "resurrection" is used mainly in literary and artistic styles of speech.

In life, everyone is given according to their strength, but only the strong in spirit can control fate and survivethe resurrectionafter falling into the abyss.

The tradition of celebratingthe resurrectionof Christ is based on religious rituals and folk customs.

The word " Sunday" has a narrower and more specific meaning. It names the seventh day of the week, which is considered a day of rest.

The custom of dedicating this day to spiritual development in the Christian world is associated with the biblical tradition of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Hence - the obvious semantic similarity of the words "Sunday" and "resurrection".

In modern Russian, the word "Sunday" has practically lost its original meaning associated with the biblical reading. It entered everyday speech and was fixed as a neutral lexical unit.

NextSundaywe decided to go mushroom picking.

There was no call neither on Saturday noron Sunday: the phone seemed to be numb.

UntilSundaythere were three days left, and I wanted to have time to redo everything in order to spend the weekend with friends.

In speech, it is important to take into account the semantic difference between the words "resurrection" and "Sunday". They are not a complete and short form of one noun, but act as independent lexical and semantic units and are used in different speech situations. determined that the difference between the words "resurrection" and "Sunday" is as follows:

  1. The word "resurrection" in the sense is closely related to the verb "resurrect" and has the meaning to be reborn, renewed. The noun "Sunday" has lost its direct semantic connection with the concept of "resurrection". In modern language, it names the day of the week.
  2. The word "resurrection" refers to pretentious vocabulary and is most often used in literary texts. The noun "Sunday" is considered lexically neutral and commonly used.
  3. These words are etymologically close, but in modern speech they perform different stylistic functions.