Looking for the best blood glucose meter.

They are supplied with thin lancet needles, with the help of which blood is taken not only from the finger, but also from the lower leg, thigh or other parts of the body. Lancets with automatic piercing are specially designed for children. They act almost painlessly, and the operation of blood sampling does not traumatize the child's psyche.

Talking glucometers have been created for the visually impaired and blind people with diabetes. They communicate the result of the analysis using a sound synthesizer or a device built into an electronic board. Talking meters have just one button for ease of use. The most successful choice is the device with the function of voice reminders and codes printed on the test strips in Braille.

Most home blood glucose meters have a compact size, a comfortable body made of durable and safe materials, display backlighting and an automatic notification system of the test results. But when choosing a glucometer, it is imperative to find out what speed it has, how many operations to determine blood glucose are calculated for and how it displays the result of the study.

The speed of analysis can range from 5 seconds to 1 minute. It is better to choose a glucometer in which the electrochemical reaction passes quickly: this is often vital for patients with severe forms of diabetes.

The memory capacity in quality models is capable of holding from 300 to 800 results. It is desirable that the device accurately reports information about each analysis performed in an automatic mode.

The display of results is a convenient feature, but if it is supplemented by voice prompts, the meter can be considered more reliable and functional.

Many people have to use a personal blood glucose meter during work hours. In this case, it is better to choose a model, the body of which resembles a small cell phone or a pen. Such a device will relieve you of the inconvenience caused by unwanted attention from others.