How to work at a car wash?

It is important to ensure that the workplace is large enough for a person to move freely around vehicles of various sizes. In addition, the workshop must be well lit, otherwise the personnel risk not noticing some contamination.

Since many modern car washes are switching to contactless vehicle cleaning technology, it is worth talking about it in more detail. This method implies the use of special products, the surfactants of which form an impressive amount of foam. Unlike the usual washing, this method protects the car surface from microcracks. As a rule, non-contact processing of the body takes no more than 10 minutes. First of all, the machine is poured abundantly with water using a high-pressure hose, thus washing away dust and dirt. Next comes the active foam with excellent moisture absorption. Due to its flowing texture, the cleaning agent easily penetrates into all places, including places inaccessible by hand washing.

After applying the foam, wait a little while it absorbs all the dirt. At the end of the process, the car is again poured abundantly with water and covered with a special wax, which significantly reduces the drying time. Thanks to the unique composition, water droplets roll off the surface of the machine by themselves. As a result, even a slight breeze of air leads to the complete drying of the vehicle. In the absence of wax, excess moisture is removed with a water squeegee. It is important to mention that non-contact washing should be carried out quickly enough, because frozen foam can leave white spots on the surface of the car. In addition, it is unacceptable to apply the solution to a body heated by the sun, which is especially important in the summer. First, pour plenty of cold water over the machine, and then proceed to dispense the foam. The contactless car wash procedure is clearly reflected in the video.

It is worth noting that the problem of finding a source of income without education worries, including the fair sex. That is why many of them are seriously interested in the question of whether girls work at a car wash. The answer to it will be yes, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Many young activists “buy” such ads, promising high income and convenient working hours. But having felt on themselves all the "delights" of such activity, they prefer to find a more comfortable place. And this is quite reasonable, because such painstaking work in conditions of dampness and constant drafts can hardly be called the ultimate dream. However, if we consider this option from the position of seasonal part-time work in the warm season, it has a right to exist.