How to wash the bathtub?

Removing dirt on various surfaces of our home is a troublesome business that requires not only physical effort, but also a reasonable approach. In this regard, the kitchen and the bathroom are the most problematic rooms, because most of all substances of the most diverse composition are deposited on plumbing fixtures, pieces of furniture and household appliances. Therefore, one of the questions that interests many people is how to clean the bath from dirt: traces of rust, limescale and other stains.

In the departments of stores where detergents are sold, eyes are often scattered from the abundance of colorful boxes presented, sachets and bottles, the labels of which say that this product will help to cope with any problems in the bathroom. Plus, an advertisement for another miracle powder or gel periodically appears, which will certainly in the shortest time and without much effort ensure the cleanliness and shine of all surfaces in the house. A common mistake of owners is the purchase and thoughtless use of the first strongest bath cleaner that comes along. First, you need to figure out what type of dirt is to be eliminated and how to do it with minimal risk of spoiling the object being washed.

General Provisions, or What Are Our Baths Afraid Of?

The first rule of any cleaning is that cleanliness is easier to maintain than to fight for. How difficult it will be to clean the bath depends on how long it has been in the soiled state and the ability of the coating to retain particles of stains and deposits. If the way of dealing with the first factor is clear - wash the bath more often, then the second directly depends on the implementation of the rules for caring for the material of the product. It should be clearly understood what chemical and mechanical influences spoil the coating, make it rough, as a result of which dirt eats into the surface and becomes more difficult to clean. Here a kind of vicious circle arises: after the first application of aggressive cleaning methods, the bath coating deteriorates, and to further maintain it in proper condition, an attack of more and more powerful agents is required, which destroy the material even more intensively. In apartments and houses, cast iron, steel and acrylic bathtubs are most often found, the surfaces of which require individual care. Before considering them, we give general recommendations for the use of all types of baths.

Rules for using the bath

  1. The bath should be washed not only before bathing, but also after it in order to remove all traces of drained water, soap suds, preventing them from drying out on the coating.
  2. All types of materials do not tolerate significant temperature changes. Therefore, do not immediately pour very hot or very cold water into the bathtub. It is best to gradually adjust the temperature from near room temperature to the desired temperature. Any formulations, both store-bought and self-prepared, in order to avoid significant violations of the surface structure after cleaning, must be thoroughly washed off with water..