How to wash artificial hair?

One of the best adornments for a woman is thick and long hair. But for some, growing them is a real challenge. Artificial strands will come to the rescue. They can be extended or woven into your hair with bobby pins. True, before deciding on such a change of image, you need to figure out how to wash artificial hair and generally take care of it.

What are they?

Compared to hairpins, or hairpins, this is a much cheaper way to lengthen your hair. In addition, they are removable, and this can also be attributed to the advantages. And it's easier to take care of them. This is a good option to try out a new look. If it fits and becomes familiar, you can buy more expensive natural strands.

Artificial hair is made from synthetic raw materials, which makes it quite cheap. Curls can be as similar to real ones as possible or shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow to create an informal look. Usually tresses are selected not only by color, but also by density - it must correspond to the native hair.

Sometimes it happens that artificial hair, especially made of inexpensive materials, becomes dull and matted after a few uses. Insufficient or improper care is to blame. If you do everything according to the instructions and take care of this accessory, it is able to decorate your hair for a long time without losing its presentation.

Washing rules

Can artificial hair be washed and how often? It is not only possible, but also necessary - about once every two months or even more often with constant wearing. Before the procedure, you should comb them thoroughly. To do this, the hair is laid out on a flat surface, thin strands are carefully separated and combed from the ends.

Water must be prepared for washing. It should not be stiff, otherwise artificial hair can fade and become brittle. To soften the water, you need to add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda to it or just boil it. There are special shampoos for washing tress, but it is permissible to use the usual one. Only it should be of high quality and not for dry hair - due to excessive moisture, the strands may seem greasy or even deteriorate.

How to wash artificial hair with bobby pins so as not to harm it? It is necessary to monitor the temperature of the water with a thermometer - it should not exceed 40 degrees. Then you need to pour into it a couple of teaspoons of shampoo and beat into a lush foam. Tress is placed in this solution for 10-15 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to rub and lather them!

What to do next?

After a quarter of an hour, artificial hair is removed from the water with shampoo and rinsed thoroughly with warm softened water. Then they are immersed in a solution of balm or conditioner for another 10 minutes. After this time, the weft should be laid out on a towel or attached to a clothesline - and let it dry naturally. If you can't stand time, you can try to dry them with a hairdryer, but only under a stream of cold air. Proper care of artificial hair presupposes a careful attitude - they cannot be twisted, wiped, squeezed, and should only be combed dry.

So, the weft is dry, and now they need to be combed again. This requires a natural brush or a wide-toothed wooden comb. Combing starts from the ends, the strands cannot be pulled. If they do get tangled, you should spray them with conditioner spray, which will facilitate separation.

All tress care procedures can be found on the video - and you can successfully use the spy tricks. Then artificial hair will delight its owner for a long time.