How to wash a car in a self-service car wash?

The appearance of a car can tell a lot about its owner. A dirty car, with dents and traces of corrosion, immediately creates not the best impression. And the lifespan of such a car will be much shorter than that of another well-groomed one. Therefore, do not forget to periodically tidy up the appearance of the "iron horse". Recently, new opportunities have appeared that allow you to quickly and inexpensively wash your car. But sometimes the end result leaves much to be desired from wrong actions during work. Therefore, a reasonable question arises: how to wash a car in a self-service car wash, so that the car is clean and maintains a similar state longer?

What is it?

Recently, it has become a common type of service that allows you to quickly remove dirt from a car. In this case, the driver pays for the workplace (box), equipment and chemicals used in the washing process. He does the rest on his own. The client has the opportunity to choose the desired washing mode from several available.

This is done using special equipment. It can be of different types, and one of the options is shown in the photo below.

It is quite simple to use it, but it is necessary to know the operating modes and choose them correctly, then the desired result will be achieved. The equipment is turned on after payment, the tariffs for washing differ. So, 10 rubles can be enough for both 30 seconds and 1 minute of work. Each of the buttons starts a specific program, as a result, for 100-150 rubles, you can wash the car in 10-15 minutes.

How is it going?

It should be noted that there are different types of equipment, and each of them may have its own operating modes. What is the correct way to wash a car at a car wash in this case? One possible course of action is shown below.

  1. Having arrived at the post (box), it is necessary to pay for the wash, for which either banknotes placed in the machine (without change) or special tokens are used. The display shows the paid time. Now you can start grooming your car.
  2. Usually there are 5 different washing modes:
    • button 1 (first program). The so-called pre-wash takes up to 45 seconds. Water with a special shampoo that dissolves dirt is supplied to the gun under low pressure. In this mode, it is not worth washing the car, it is preparatory. When performing work, the distance between the gun and the surface should not exceed 30 cm;
    • button 2 (second program). Main wash mode, in which the main dirt is removed with hot water and powder under pressure. It is best to wash it off in the following sequence: sides, hood, trunk, then everything else. The duration of the stage is 120 s;
    • button 3 (third program). Rinsing with cold water under strong pressure, while it is necessary to wash off all the detergents used previously;
    • Button 4 (fourth program). Application of wax (polymers) to protect the surface;
    • button 5 (fifth program). Drying the car using a special rinse aid.

There is also a disc washing mode, which takes 15 seconds. Thanks to the use of programs suitable for their purpose, you can quickly and efficiently wash the car. How this actually happens is shown in the video:

As noted above, the procedure is determined by the equipment. So, the video shows how to wash a car at a self-service car wash, if you have to face a similar situation:

Features of a self-service car wash

In conclusion, it is worth noting that at such a service point only a weak plaque can be removed dirt, and besides, it appeared recently. Do not wash old and heavy dirt on it. This is due to the fact that, unlike professional car washes, self-service uses lower water pressure and other, less aggressive chemicals.

Keeping the car clean, especially during rains and muddy roads, is sometimes difficult due to the queues and high cost of services. Self-service car washes allow you to avoid this. They can bring the car into proper form without significant investment of time and money.