How to translate a scanned document into Word?.

When working with official documents, it is often necessary to type manually the text printed on paper. Alas, there are no uniform requirements for document flow in the Russian Federation, and each organization uses its own formats and rules. To reduce the time spent on typing, special programs and services are used that "convert" scanned documents into an editable version for the user. For example, having received a document in jpg-version (picture), in a matter of minutes you can translate it into Word-format, without wasting precious time on manual typing. How to translate a scanned document into Word?

As a rule, scanned documents are published in.jpg,.tiff,.bmp formats and cannot be edited. If the scanner supports converting scanned documents to PDF, then this type of files can be edited using any PDF editor, for example Acrobat Pro. But what if you want to edit a scanned document in "picture" format?

It is for these cases that text recognition programs have been developed. One of the most popular software in this segment of the software market is ABBYY FineReader. With the help of the "file reader" you can recognize texts from any media, be it a picture with text or a PDF file.

Open ABBYY FineReader and drag the documents required for recognition into the program window.

After adding files, click on the "Recognize all" button and wait for the process to finish.

Text recognized by ABBYY FineReader will be displayed on the right side of the screen. To save all the text in one file, click the "Save" button and select the item "Save Results Wizard"

Specify the application "Microsoft Word", select the trigger on the item "All Pages" and click "OK".

The program automatically exports the text to a Word document, which can be further edited.

You do not have this program installed or do not have a scanner at hand, and paper documents urgently need to be translated into an electronic version? An Android smartphone with ABBYY TextGrabber installed will come to your aid. The smartphone camera acts as a "scanner", and "Textgrabber" independently processes and recognizes the text photographed by the camera. Open the Google Play Market, search for the words "ABBYY TextGrabber" and install the program on your smartphone.

Launch the program and select the recognition language first. To do this, in the lower right corner, click the "EN" button. Check the "Russian language" checkbox and click the "Back" button in the smartphone interface.

If “EN / RU” appears at the bottom of the screen, then you have done everything correctly and you can start “scanning documents”. Click on the round button with the "camera" icon.

Point the camera at the document and touch the aperture icon to take pictures of the text. If the text is poorly visible, then choose a more illuminated place.

Click “Done” to proceed to cropping the photo.

Draw the boundaries of the image and expand it if necessary. When finished, click “Recognize” at the top of the smartphone screen and wait for the text to be recognized.

Ready text can be edited immediately on a smartphone.

Click the Share icon (3 dots) and select the method for saving or transferring the file. You can send it to a mailbox, save it in the smartphone's memory in text format, transfer it via Bluetooth, etc.

Is an office editor installed on your smartphone? Select the text and copy it to the clipboard. Then paste the copied text into a new Word document and save it to your smartphone. Since most Android smartphones support USB flash drives, you can transfer the file to your computer and continue editing.

Can a scanned document be translated into Word without using special utilities? Undoubtedly, but this will require any device with Internet access, because an online service will act as a "text recognizer".

Among quality and free text recognition services, the best is the Free Online OCR Service, available at The process of recognizing text from a scanned document can be divided into 3 steps. First of all, you need to upload the document to the site by clicking the "Select file" button. The maximum size of the uploaded file should not exceed five megabytes.

When the download is complete, specify the Russian language and the output format of the document.

Then enter the code from the picture and click the "Convert" button.


The text recognized by the online service can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into any document, or saved on a computer by clicking on the Download Output File link.

By registering on the service, the user gets more opportunities for text recognition: batch recognition, unloading documents in a ZIP archive, unlimited size of uploaded files and converting to other document formats.

The only thing that you shouldn't trust online services is “secret documents”, since it is quite possible that scanned versions of documents are stored on the servers of the company, the owner of the service.