How to tell a fake Pandora jewelry?

Recently, Pandora jewelry has been gaining more and more popularity among women of all ages. Unfortunately, brand stores are not represented in every city. Loyalists of the brand often order rare and limited pieces from online stores. Due to the growing demand for jewelry, there is a significant risk of buying a fake. How to distinguish Pandora jewelry from fake and avoid deception, we will understand within the framework of this article.

Many jewelry manufacturers began to produce separate elements for bracelets "Pandora style", "Pandora style" and the like. If you, as a buyer, are faced with the problem of choosing an original product and do not want to be disappointed in it during operation, you should pay attention to a few tips on how to recognize a counterfeit.

Pandora Jewelry Branding

All Pandora products have several different markings, looking at which you can distinguish them from imitators or other brands. Of course, the presence of such signs does not yet guarantee authenticity, but this is one of the first points that will help the buyer identify a fake.

  • ALE engraving The standard manufacturer's mark on Pandora jewelry is three letters "ALE", which stands for Algot Enevoldsen, this is the name of the founding father of the Pandora jewelry company. All Pandora branded jewelry, with the exception of the smallest details, will be engraved with "ALE", usually next to the metal fineness indication. It should be noted that now this is not the only difference between the original, since many manufacturers of copies of Pandora also began to use this mark on their products.
  • Crown over the letter "O" This symbol, present only on the clasps of Pandora bracelets and necklaces, can also serve as a guarantor of the authenticity of jewelry. It was added to products manufactured after 2008.
  • Indication of the fineness of the metal The low price should also be an indicator of counterfeiting, because real Pandora brand jewelry is made of silver and gold that meet international standards. Pandora stamp their products with quality marks that indicate the purity of the metal and guarantee its authenticity. Jewelry made before 2011 contains only numbers that represent the fineness of gold or silver. In addition to identifying the purity of the metal, starting in June 2011, Pandora added an uppercase “S” for silver, followed by the purity of the metal: S925 (92.5% pure silver). All gold jewelry is marked with a capital letter "G", followed by an indication of the proportion of gold in the alloy: 14-carat gold - G585 (proportion of pure gold - 58.5%) or 18-carat - G750 (proportion of pure gold - 75%).

Replica makers can use lower quality alloys, silver or gold plating on cheap metals, which will certainly come to light during the operation of the product. The absence of a marking or its location separately from the “ALE” stamp is a sure sign of a forgery.

Pandora beads for bracelets

All original Pandora beads are also engraved on the inner surface and can be easily strung onto the bracelet. Nowadays, many manufacturers of Pandora-style fittings offer to purchase individual beads made of Murano glass, which is often replaced with ordinary glass. As a rule, such beads, when put on the base, either get stuck or have an enlarged hole. Counterfeit manufacturers often do not have original bracelet bases, so their products no longer impress with the charm and elegance of the original.

Pricing for Genuine Pandora Jewelry

Pandora has a strongly recommended retail price for its jewelry, and its stores must adhere to a uniform pricing structure throughout the country. Therefore, a suspiciously low cost is likely to become an indicator of a fake or used jewelry.

All items from the current collection can be easily found in the catalog on the official Pandora website. Online stores must provide complete information about the product, with high-quality photographs attached.

To avoid disappointment, buy jewelry only from trusted suppliers, then they will serve you for a long time and will delight you with their unique design and first-class quality.

One of the videos is good about how to distinguish an original from a fake: